The prudent shopper knows that buying in bulk always gives the best discounts, in which wholesale Indian jewelry is not an exception. Wholesale Indian jewellery offers a wide range of collections to chose from, so that a collection can boast of sets of Kundan, Meenakari, diamond, and gold jewelry. Don’t think that you need a fat wallet to pay your way through all of this. There are very good imitations available as wholesale Indian jewelry allowing the option of custom making a favorite design with different colored semi precious stones, in the price range you want, without hurting your pocket. This is being increasingly done by corporate houses who want to gift unusual mementoes to their clients. Think of small chains (can be used for keys or pen drives) with the company logo made of dyed clay embedded with small stones, beads, and metallic rings.

The appeal of Indian jewelry is the variety that is available – whether it is in metal, gems, thread, beads, shells or cowries. Add to this the various combinations and the possibilities are endless. Online stores afford a detailed look at the kinds of wholesale Indian jewelry that is available. Some manufacturers only specialize in the real stuff that is their diamonds and gold have a resale value giving an authentic certification and a buy back guarantee as well. Buying in bulk from such merchants is ideal when a wedding is coming up in the family. These buys also give good value as an investment as genuine jewelry will always appreciate over the years. The liquidity is also high as any jeweler will pay for it if it has a hallmark or any other recognized certification.

There are online stores that deal with cosmetic wholesale Indian jewelry. Semi precious stones are studded in silver or 14k gold. There are danglers made out of intricate designs in silver or gold or even silver rolled in gold. Options like rhodium or steel are used as a base for American diamonds which makes the piece much cheaper. Necklaces of gold beads with interspersed black beads can be looped together with thread. Colored beads of different sizes in ascending order are fashioned as chokers or longer necklaces. Sometimes twisted skeins of silk thread in different colors hold crescents made of lace inlaid with stones. Gun metal and black metal are other choices for rings and bracelets and these can look suave and contemporary. Imitation kundan jewelry can match the colors of a dress and look perfect for a colorful festival or a grandeur occasion. Rudrakshas or tulsi beads are threaded for those who believe in the spiritual sanctity of these.

If buying online, make sure to understand how to care for wholesale Indian jewelry. If it is an imitation jewelry, it may require polishing or touch ups depending on extent of usage, i.e how long it is worn. Most of this kind of jewelry will tarnish, if exposed to sweat and water. Find out if this will be done by the seller or if they will put you onto a store in your area, who does this kind of work. Also ensure that what is delivered is what you had actually chosen, and if not there should be a store return policy.


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