Rose Gold Hip Hop Jewelry Fashion Experiment


Rose gold hip hop jewelry was introduced in Russia, during the 19th century and was referred as Russian gold,, or rose gold. This is due to the fact that the color of the gold was rusty or reddish, due to the quantity of copper included in the alloy. The jewelry that was made thus looked red, pink or rose and is available from 9 karats to 22 karats.

Hip hop Music Culture

Hip hop music was popular in the 1970s and this influenced the world of fashion in a big way. This type of music was conceived as American street culture. Owners who sold expensive music equipments three parties that were referred as “block parties” and various types of break dancing, rap music, “b-boying” (dancing) and other defiant stances were introduced. The influence on youth culture was immense and hip-hop music has managed to retain its popularity.

Rose gold Hip hop jewelries and accessories

Designers no longer concentrated on making jewelry that was high-end. Instead many different hip hop jewelry styles were introduced that were affordable and could be flaunted by everyone. Musicians, actors and sports personalities began sporting hip hop jewelry that resembled what their ancestors wore to signify rank and connect with certain groups. Hip hop fashion became a trend setter and soon people started wearing gold teeth as they were popularly used for cosmetic purposes by some music artistes. These include removable gold teeth grillz which may or may not be set with diamonds or other precious stones.

Rose gold hip hop jewelry attracted everyone

Rose gold hip hop jewelries is popular with teenagers, professional athletes, rappers and youngsters. Hip hop style includes oversized charms and pendants that may or may not be diamond-encrusted. Teenagers were oversized hip hop pendants, dog tags that are personalized, iced out rose gold jewelry and bling bling where light reflects on diamonds and creates the illusion of an imaginary sound. Since many athletes and stars wear this type of jewelry, youngsters enjoy aping their styles. Large gold ropes, diamond crosses, chains, pendants and spinner watches are the craze for youngsters today. Adoring fans wish to imitate their favorite sport star, by wearing similar jewelry, to stand out in the crowd.

Trend setting jewelry and accessories – Rose gold hip hop jewelry

Rose Gold hip hop jewelries is available in various sizes and shapes as earring, necklaces and bracelets. The jewelry is specially worn as personalized jewelry to talk about you and add quality to your style. Men wear watches, rings, personalized dog tags and large chunky chains to look trendy. The latest in fashion is dog tags and spinner pendants that are rose gold plated with silver cubic zirconia. The market for this type of jewelry changes quickly and therefore there are many types to select from.

Rose gold hip hop jewelry spells quality as well as has shine which is what the youngsters look for when they wish to purchase such type of accessories. It is important to ensure that you buy your jewelry from a reputed dealer. Make a careful selection after browsing online. You will find many stores that offer great deals and styles. Select the one that compliments your personality and style.

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