Rose gold jewelry that was introduced a century ago and popularized by the Russians, is making a great comeback, as one of the hottest fashion trends today. This gold is also referred to as Pink gold, or Red gold, depending on the end result, when it is alloyed with percentages of copper, to bring out the blush hues of this type of specialized jewelry.

In the late 1920’s, Cartier evoked the history of the metal and since its recent resurgence, many famous celebrities, such as Katherine Zeta Jones and others are wearing beautiful rose gold jewelry to deliciously pair with other metal finishes. This season, the trend is to be seen sporting colors and the same applies to jewelry, which was once standardized as black, white, yellow gold or silver. Men, as well as women, wear this type of jewelry as it makes a great fashion statement. It is not uncommon to see men wearing rose gold Rolex watches or cufflinks. Many wish to wear matching rose gold wedding bands, with their loved ones, to openly profess their love.

The highest karat version that you can purchase, when opting for rose gold, is the 22 karat crown gold. However, you can find rose gold jewelry in various karat versions that range from 12k to 18k. The amount of copper used to alloy gold determines the color of rose gold. More copper will produce red gold and less of it will give you the beautiful rose gold hues that look especially stunning when set with antique silver. Such types of jewelry have a vintage appeal that is timeless. The warm tones of this type of jewelry are enhanced with beautiful colored clothes and accessories.

The famous engagement rings and wedding bands from Black Hills rose gold collection are what women of today, covet, as the intricately crafted designs and styles can warm any heart. Women love to collect these keepsakes and treasure them. These pieces of exquisite jewelry will become heirlooms, as these wonderful treasures are handed down, through the generations. You can order this type of jewelry if you have set your heart on any special design. Compliment the necklace set, or engagement rings, with other precious stones for a spectacular effect, or use it with green gold, to create some stunning effects with your rose gold jewelry.

When you wear exquisite jewelry, it is important to carry it off well. When purchasing rose gold be aware that the color of rose gold, though subtle, may intensify with age. Men like to feel good about presenting gifts and women graciously accept them. Wear your jewelry with warm complimentary shades, or neutral shades and learn to stand out in the crowd, with your new collection of jewelry. Look for the hallmark that declares the quality and authencity of the gold. Make sure you wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth and keep it in tight containers separately to ensure that the jewelry is kept intact. Enjoy acquiring rose gold jewelry to wear in your lifetime.


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