Jewelry from India – The intricate and admirable craftwork!

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Jewelry from India can be classified into different types based on the practice, usage, tradition, etc. Among which temple jewelries from India is exceptional in terms of quality, intricate art work, craftsmen ship, design, attractive appearance, etc. Temple jewelery refers to the gold ornaments used to decorate the idols of gods and goddesses worshipped in Indian temples. The practice of decorating and adorning the statues and idols depicted in the temples with gold jewellery can be traced over several centuries. Even today we can see the idols are being decorated with glittering and striking gold ornaments. The history of the temple jewellery can be traced from 10th century. 

Most of the temple gold jewellery are crafted with exceptional designs and strung with beads, pearls, and other precious stones, which make it, look more striking and appealing. The exquisite beauty of temple jewelry from India lies in the design, heavy artwork and the colorful gems. It is very hard to find the temple jewelery without stones and gems. The Indian idols are ornamented with strong and heavy studded with glittering gems and stones. The gold ornaments include bangles, nose rings, earrings, anklets, armlets, golden garland, crowns, etc. We could find the navaratna crowns in bigger temples, nothing but the crowns made with nine precious stones. 

South Indian temples preserve large varieties of artistic and splendid gold jewellery. It has contributed a lot towards developing the art of gold making. A couple of examples would be Sri Padmanaba Swamy Temple, Trivandrum hits the world news and of course the Lord Vishnu at Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh. Almost everyone was surprised to hear about the 18ft gold garland, called “Ratna Mala” designed with precious stones, found in the temple. Famous jewellery appraisers from all parts of the world were unable to appraise the actual cost of the gigantic and striking gold ornament. Moreover, most of the pioneers in the field was astonished and admires the craftwork and informed that will never be possible to design or make an ornament similar to one. 

Most of the temple jewelry being used now were donated by the rulers of India and by the people who had great devotion towards the deities worshipped in the temple. Reign of Vijayanagar Kings, Chola kings, Mughuls, Nayakars, etc have contributed greatly towards developing the intricate art. They motivated the goldsmiths in creation of admirable temple jewelery with unsurpassed quality. The heights of lavishing and magnificence of temple jewelry from India has reached peak during the reign of Krishnadeva Raya. 

Temple jewelry from India is considered the great inspiration of designing jewellery in exceptional and remarkable designs and patterns. It reflects the Indian traditional and culture. The jewelleries preserved in the temples were allowed to be used only by Devadasi girls in the ancient period to perform traditional dance in temple. It has been eventually considered that the term temple jewelry from India refers to south Indian temples. The traditional dancers of south India used to wear temple jewellery collections during their dance performance. Either it is a kathak dance, kuchipudi or odissi, jewellery is given more importance. And no introduction is required about the varieties of eye-catching temple jewellery worn by classical Bharathanatyam dancers. 

Temple jewelry from India is characterized by heavy metals, intricate designs, colorful stones, unique patterns, etc. The elegance and uniqueness of the temple jewelery have attracted the attention of brides and it has now become very common among brides to wear temple jewellery collections for their wedding. It offers a rich and lavishing appearance and makes the bride look at their best.

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