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India and jewelry, Indian jewelry and women, Indian women and gold, gold and diamond jewellery, etc are inherited terms linked with each other. India is the home country for adorable jewellery collections in plethora of designs and patterns. Gold jewellery form major part of adorning the Indian women in any occasion, in particular wedding. Next to bridal costume, Indian bridal jewellery plays an important role in the wedding. History of the jewellery in India can be traced over 5000 years. One day, women belong to ancient period had developed a desire to adorn them with jewellery and since 5000 years, Indian women and jewellery have become almost inseparable. 

Indian women always have great love and passion towards the jewellery as it makes them look more beautiful. There is no hard and fast rule that only rich and affluent people could afford for the remarkable Indian jewelry, where there are varieties of graceful and admirable low cost gold plated and silver jewellery available within the means of others. Eventually, there is no shortage of jewellery shops and they are found across the length and breadth of India. They offer all types of jewellery collections ranging from traditional jewellery shops to designer jewellery cater the varied needs of different people. Let us see few popular and unique varieties of Indian jewelry. 

Indian jewelry can be broadly classified into two types namely South Indian and North India. Each state is popular in contributing the unique style of astonishing craftwork. Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the two States of South India greatly renowned for the remarkable designs of the jewellery. The designs of south Indian jewellery are generally inspired from nature and you could obviously find a lot of jewellery in floral pattern, leaf, rain drops, cloudy designs, star, etc. Khundhan and Minakari are the two popular varieties of north Indian jewellery. They have been inspired from the designs and craftwork of Mughuls and reflect the mughul dynasty. Where the South India is popular for chains and necklaces, north India is renowned for bangles and nose rings. 

When we talk about Indian jewelry, we often come across gold, silver, diamond jewellery and sometimes about gold plated jewellery designed with minimal quantity of gold. In addition to these, numerous varieties of adorable jewellery is available in India. 

Ivory Jewellery: It refers to the piece of ornament made from elephant’s tusk. Ivory jewelery is blended with Guajarati’s tradition. Ivory bangles form major part of the bridal jewellery of Gujarati bride. Ivory is a soft metal which can be shaped in to desired patterns and designs. It appears white in color and attracts the people. Ivory was considered the excellent crafting material in ancient period before several thousand years and well before introduction of gold and silver jewellery. Ivory jewellery is neither popular in India, nor in the world, yet popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan. 

Navaratna Jewellery: It refers to ornaments embedded with nine auspicious gems. Rings, ear studs, necklace and pendants are the four types of jewelery that can be strung with the nine stones. Each stone symbolizes a planet with respect to astrology. Many people prefer wearing navaratna jewellery because of the astrological reasons and well being. 

Bead jewellery: Bead art in jewelry is something that has been invaded when people developed a desire of wearing jewellery. Historically, it has been introduced during the Indus Valley Civilization. Lately, north Indians, in particular Rajasthan are more popular in making bead jewellery and it is a time consuming as well as intricate artwork. Karnal city has greater recognition for its artistic bead jewelery. Silver is mostly used in bead jewellery. 

Tribal jewellery: It is a unique artwork of Indian tribes. Different tribes belong to different parts of India have their own style and pattern in crafting unique and admirable tribal jewelery. However, the ethnic and antique style of tribal jewellery is still being preserved by them. Tribal jewellery actually refers to the ornaments made from wood, shells, bones of animals, crude metal, clay, etc. Nomadic tribal people produce wonderful pieces of jewellery using wild flowers, feathers of birds, copper, glass, etc. Similarly, Assamese and Manipuris are also exceptional in crafting tribal jewellery. Tribal jewelry is gradually hitting the fashion shows and ramp walks, creating a new style statement. 

Prettiness, popularity and presence of Indian jewelry are solely attributed towards the craftsmen ship, irrespective of the model, metal used and pattern of the jewelry. 

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