Indian gold plated jewelry - Various Process Involved in Making

Indian gold plated jewelry is not only the cost effective alternative to the gold jewelry; it has unique advantages in many ways. Gold plated jewelry is attracting women of all age groups. Being available at the relatively cheap price, it allows them to maintain different range of designs and variety of jewelry products. 

Gold plated jewelry is made up of a base metal, primarily made up of cheap metals like copper and silver, coated with the layer of gold onto it. Gold layer application on the base metal is done through the electrolytic process. But with the time, the gradual discoloring of gold plated jewelry takes place because silver metal atoms disseminate into the layer of gold. To diminish this propagation of the base metal, generally a barrier layer of metal is introduced onto the base metal first. Copper migration into gold layer occurs slowly than migration of silver into gold. So, copper base metal is preferred over silver for manufacturing gold plated jewelry. Nickel coated over copper metal act as a barrier layer. If base metal of silver is used, layer of copper and nickel metals is placed in between gold layer and silver metal. 

Another cheaper variable of gold jewelry product is gold filled jewelry. The basic difference among two is that in Gold filled products, base metal e.g. brass is coated with the solid gold layer with the help of heat and pressure unlike the electrolytic process of gold plating. The quality of the color and shine of the gold filled jewelry is far better than gold plated jewelry. But gold filled jewelry provides relatively costly replacement of pure gold than gold plated jewelry as the thickness of gold in gold filled product is about 50 to 1000 times than gold thickness in gold plated jewelry. 

Indian gold plated jewelry caught the attention of the lower middle class and middle class Indians a long back, as it provides them access to gold looking jewelry articles within their limited budgets. Now upper class Indians are also feeling the pinch of rising gold prices and migrating towards Indian gold plated jewelry thus mounting its market. 

Indian gold plated jewelry products are possessed primarily by the school going and college going teenagers. With the fast changing fashion trends, new jewelry designs are hitting the market every day. Cheap and latest designs of Indian Gold Plated Jewelry are outcome of this fashion trend. To have latest jewelry products in their closet, teenagers are going for cheaper Indian gold plated jewellery articles. In fact this increasing demand is inspiring gold manufacturers to come up with new gold plated jewelry designs. All jewelry product e.g. chokers, bracelets, mangal sutra, earrings, rings, bangles, chain, necklace, anklets, pendants and brooch are available in gold plated form. Gold plated jewelry is easy to maintain. But with time, the shine and luster of this jewelry tends to fade away. So it should be re-polished again after certain number of years to rejuvenate its looks. 

Gold plated jewelry should be bought solely to maintain a variety and have wide collection in your jewelry box. Unlike original gold jewelry articles, gold plated jewelry can never be considered as an investment option.

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