Indian Gold Jewellery: : Explore the Various Options Available

Indian gold jewellery is world famous for its intricate design detail, excellent precision and craftsmanship. Jewelry is integral part of Indian customs, traditions and festival. Gold portrays prosperity, wealth and happiness for Indians. You can't imagine any Indian wedding without the gold jewelry. Indian bride is offered gold jewelry from her parents, in-laws and close relative on her weddings as a symbolic representation of love and wealth. In India even bride groom is offered gold chain, bracelet and ring so that he can embark the new beginning of life in a wealthy way. 

If you are interested in adding unique jewelry article to your jewelry collection, you must consider the various options that Indian gold jewellery offers right from its ethnic design styles to modernized jewelry products. 

Indian gold jewellery has long history of association with the precious and colorful stones. The fine use of gems and rare stones highlighting the beauty and style of the jewelry cannot be found anywhere else but India. Precious as well as semi precious gemstone like Diamond, Kundan, Amber, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphires are used to enrich the designing and looks of Indian gold jewelry. If you are looking for fine blend of Kundan gems with metal, look out for Jaipur's Kundan jewelry collection. Polki jewelry designs from Gujarat are world famous due to its traditional style. 

An Indian woman is considered incomplete without any jewelry. Wide range of jewelry articles for women can be found in the Indian jewelry market. Some of those are listed below: 

Beaded wide choker and Necklaces : Jewelry to enhance the neck bone of the woman 

Anklet : Ornament for the ankle of a woman. 

Nose ring : Worn by woman on her nose to add more beauty to face 

Bangle : Traditional ornament to adore woman wrist 

Bracelet: Modernized version of bangle 

Earrings: Ring shaped Jewelry to be worn on ear 

Mangalsutra: To be worn around her neck by married Indian woman only 

Pendants: Ornament to enhance the simple chain worn around neck 

Indian jewelry provides range of jewelry articles to adorn an Indian woman from head to toe. In western countries e.g. USA and UK 12Kt, 14Kt and 18kt gold jewelry articles are available while in India 22Kt gold jewelry is usually preferred by manufacturer and customers. 

With changing trends in fashion, Indian gold jewellery industry is paying attention towards including recent designs and styles of jewelry made up of gold alloy. Since ages this precious metal has caught the attention of jewelry lovers because of its vibrant yellow color, but lately white gold is making news in jewelry industry. White gold is primarily an alloy of gold and white metal e.g. nickel, palladium or manganese. This alloy has more strength than pure gold because of its composite structure and is used for providing fine and discrete designs to jewelry. White gold also comes in karat specifications. But they carry gold in proportion e.g. 18Kt white gold has pure gold of the order of 75% and 25% of the composite metal. But it can't be considered as a good investment option when comparing it to 22Kt gold jewelry. 

This precious and longevity metal is the favorite choice of manufacturers and consumers. Indian gold jewellery had undergone changes with the fast changing trends and taste of customers and yet managed to maintain its charm and style.

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"Over a period of ten years, privately held gold reserves have increased significantly in the country as consumers have bought more gold to preserve their wealth,"    says Dharmesh Sodha, director, World Gold Council- India.


As gold offers safety and better liquidity, people prefer to park their savings in the yellow metal,"    said GR Ananthapadmanaban of GRT Thanga Maligai, a Chennai-based jewellery firm.


"Most temple trusts get a lot of gold as offerings. People believe that God also likes new things."     Says Parimal Nathwani, a trustee of the Dwarka and Nathdwara temple

  "Traditionally, people here buy gold at weddings to secure the future of their son or daughter,"    In India

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