Why Wear India Costume Jewelry


Today the fashion industry is booming, with the India costume jewelry that is worn not only by college going teenagers, but also fashionistas in every walk of life.

Women in India have been wearing jewelry for over 5000 years to adorn themselves for various reasons. The popular materials used in the early centuries were wood, bone, horn and stone. Craftsmen used these materials to make beads or various shapes with man-made tools that they created. Costume jewelry has also been referred as fashion jewelry or cocktail jewelry. Wear outrageous designs, styles and shapes this season that include large collar-shaped necklaces, vintage pearls that are twisted to look sophisticated and exotic. Remember that the bigger and flashier the item you wear, you more trendy and sophisticated is the look that you will sport in the coming months.

Reasons for wearing India costume jewelries

In the 1950 and 1960, in India costume jewelry was worn by women to look fashionable. If one wanted to sport a vintage dress, it was not uncommon to set it off with a Swarovski necklace that was made up of crystal, moonstones and other combinations. Other women were satisfied with rural designs that were an improvement on the type of jewelry worn during the Mughal period. Women flaunted polki or vilandi jewelry, which incorporated uncut diamonds that were not as expensive as the real McCoy and these were worn as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings or nose rings.

Other materials such as peppier mache, jute, iodized metal, terracotta and leather are also being worn today by trendy women, who wish to look different from the rest. Since fashion constantly evolves, women are wearing different types of trendy jewelry to match their outfits. It is possible to source out unusual India costume jewelries online and fashion designers advocate wearing such items that are more futuristic and modern in style.

India costume jewelry- Newer and vibrant fashion trends

Today the fashion trends include mismatched jewelry where women mix and match materials set in stones that are not precious, such as cubic zirconia and rhinestone, with other stones. Lac enamel is also making waves, as women wear these beads that are wax-filled with vibrant colors and rich jewel tones, to set off their ethnic wear. This type of jewelry is a specialized craft that originates from West Rajasthan. Jhumka earring, necklaces and bracelets are sold by reputed dealers online and the style and designs are available for viewing online.

The new era has also ushered in a 3D trend where costume jewelry is bold, and created in great stand-out sizes and shapes. Large stones are flaunted and the style is large and chunky with various textures combined, such as leather and iodized metals that integrate bold colors and earthy designs. Since in India costume jewelry is not as expensive as real gold, you can afford to splurge on certain items that enhance your outfit and makes you stand out in the crowd. Do not hesitate to wear cascading or chunky jewelry, as you can get away with organic crystals, large-sized stones and various types of finishes to set off your wardrobe.

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