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India gold jewelry is considered an enviable accessory by fashion experts all across the globe. Indian gold jewelry products are rated high among other Indian jewelry products because of its high gold purity, finer details and craftsmanship. For decades, Indian jewelry has dominated the international market with its unique style, bold colors, use of fine metals and jewels. Elaborate details with sophisticated and stunning looks are the highlights of the Indian jewelry industry. 

In India, jewelry is more than just an accessory to adorn oneself. Indian jewelry symbolizes tradition, the rich history of the country and its rulers and countrymen, all what this country has been through. India is a country residing different people with different colors and thoughts. The effect of the diversity of the nation is evident on Indian jewelry which represents different traditions, thinking and the different elucidation of beauty. Indian jewelry symbolizes cultural elegance of its country. 

Influence of rich Indian history is evident on its jewelry products. With the time, Indian jewelry has adapted to different styles. Among the different designs styles, Mughal jewelry, kundan jewelry, theva, temple and polka jewelry are the most famous. Mughal jewelry style came into existence during the Mughal times and is still appreciated by the people across the globe. Highlight of Kundan Jewelry is embossed Kundan gemstones onto the gold or silver. If you want to buy Kundan Jewelry, Jaipur city in India will provide you its widest range. Gold enameling onto glass, Theva gold jewelry design styles present the unique artistic side of India gold jewelry. This ethnic style is still restored by many jewelry designers these days. Polki jewelry with its unique Indian touch is quite liked and appreciated in India as well as abroad. Polki jewelry styles, mainly originated in Gujarat, can be worn by females of any age group on any formal and casual occasion. 

India gold jewelry is among the most loved and treasured jewelries because of its gold’s charm. It is symbol of wealth and self control in India. Other jewels and stones are used to add to the beauty of gold thus enhancing its artistic expression. Unlike western countries, India gold jewelry is made up 22 K gold containing higher gold purity ratio. But now days with rising gold prices, international brands are offering 12k and 14K gold jewelry products. India gold jewelery had always been considered to worn on traditional occasions and festivals because of its rich and heavy look. 

Since from the old age, Indian jewelry has been nurtured by the expert and fine craft men knowing high quality precise techniques. Lately more contemporary design and styles of Indian jewelry can be found being influenced by famous Bollywood films. Now India gold jewelry products have been made available for fashion freaks by many national and international brands. Before purchasing any Indian gold jewelry product, make sure to check its authenticity by checking if it is hallmark approved and its gold purity coefficient. 

Much more contemporary and subtle Indian jewelry designs are available which can be used to enhance your personality on ethnic as well as casual and party occasions Though Indian jewelry products has undergone changes but its rich tradition and culture can still be seen mingled with the modern fast changing styles.

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