How to Clean Gold Jewelry - Things you Should Know.

Does gold jewelry require cleaning at frequent intervals? How to clean gold jewelry safely? Is it safe to clean gold jewelry at home? are the common questions, where people tend to look for the effective solutions. Learning how to clean gold jewelry is not a difficult task and it is possible to clean the jewellery safely at home. There is no requirement of affording to any professional machine cleaning or machine polishing services. 

There is a misconception about gold jewellery that, it is more likely to lose its glow and become dull over a period of regular usage. The dullness or darkness of gold jewelry is caused due to the alloy mixed with the jewelry. Purest form of gold never calls for any cleaning or maintenance. Unfortunately, purest form of gold is extremely soft to make it sturdy to use in the jewels. Eventually, gold is mixed with other metals for making gold jewelry. Copper and silver are the metals mixed with gold which can react to moisture, sulphur and oxygen. The reaction towards other factors reduces the brightness and glow of the gold jewellery. Eventually, these are the reasons that require maintenance and cleaning the gold jewellery. However, gold jewelry because of its cuts and designs are prone to dirt. 

Following are few traditional and simple methods on how to clean gold jewelry: 

Gold jewellery is generally cleaned using several household cleaning items. However, there are some precautions to be taken before attempting to clean them. Ensure to keep the jewellery away from chemicals and bleaches as they might result in permanent discoloration of the jewellery. 

The easiest and simplest method of cleaning gold jewellery is soaking it in soap waters solution. Liquid dish wash detergent or liquid bath soap can be used to remove the dirt and debris from the Jewellery. Drop a few drops of liquid soap into a bowl of water and dip the jewellery for around 5 – 10 minutes. Further, the angular areas and the beautiful cuts of the jewellery can be cleaned using soft bristled tooth brush. It can also be used to scrub the jewellery. For instance, dirt and debris in the designer necklace or bangles with minute art work can be removed using the special jewellery cleaning brush. 

Many people used to clean the jewellery with ammonia, tooth paste, etc which are not recommended. A bit of ammonia can be mixed with warm water and can be used to clean 22k gold Jewellery, where 18 karat and lesser purity gold are subjected to discoloration. Similarly, cleaning gold with chlorinated water also leads towards damaging the jewellery. 

How to Clean Gold Jewelry - The traditional Way 

One of the traditional and most common methods of cleaning the gold Jewellery is soaking it in plain boiling water. It is very effective in cleaning and removing the dirt, wax, oil, etc from the gold jewellery. In ancient period people used to soak the gold jewellery in boiling water to clean them as well as to evaluate the quality of the Jewellery. 

Steam cleaning was also a popular traditional method of cleaning the gold jewellery. Mud pots were used by the ancient people to steam clean the gold jewellery. Around one fourth portion of the mud pot is filled with sand. Gold jewellery wrapped in a thin cloth is placed in the mud pot over the sand. The pot wrapped with a thin cloth is then placed in fire. The steam and heat of pot clean the jewellery without damaging it. Dipping the gold jewellery in alcohol is also an effective and traditional method of cleaning the jewellery. 

The above methods on how to clean gold jewelry are not applicable or should not be used to clean the gold jewellery with stonework or diamond jewellery, in particular using alcohol. It is highly recommended to go with professional cleaning methods to save the intricate artwork and the precious jewellery. However, there is an exemption that diamond jewellery and gold with other stones can be cleaned by soaking it in boiling water, which makes no harm. 

Moreover, the above mentioned methods on how to clean gold jewelry don’t make the gold jewellery brighter and glowing. To enhance the shine and glow, it is recommended to opt for machine polishing. 

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