Handmade gold jewelry retains its charm over machine crafted gold jewelry


Handmade gold jewelry has been treasured by families and handed over to successive generations. The value of jewelry made by hand has always been more than the mass produced machine made jewelry. Exact replicas of handmade jewelry are difficult to make and that is why the charm of this kind of jewelry will hold its own against the precision cut pieces.

Goldsmiths have bent over their smithies for centuries fashioning the most exquisite gold jewelry only using a hammer and tongs. Traditionally the son of a goldsmith followed in his father’s footsteps and the craft techniques were handed over from father to son. A goldsmith true to his profession believes that the piece of jewelry made by hand should not be perfect as the small flaw wards off the evil eye. This is what makes each piece of handmade gold jewelry unique.

Handmade gold jewelry is quite expensive than machine made

Gold is easily malleable in its purest form. But to retain its shape when made into jewelry, gold is combined with metals like copper and nickel. Know by its karats, gold jewelry is usually of 22k, 18k and 14k. 24k is the accepted standard of pure gold. When gold is referred to as 14k it means that 14 parts of gold has 10 parts of another metal or combination of metals. Handmade jewelries is made out of thin amalgamated sheets of these metals. Heated over a burner, if necessary, the gold is fashioned into delicate shapes and sizes which are again fused to form a design. The work is painstaking and takes hours to carve and engrave into an intricate chain, pendant, or bracelet.

Precious stones are used to inlay the gold work and this again needs expertise. As it is all done by hand, the dexterity of fingers only gets refined through years of hard work. Since there is so much of effort involved, the value of the craftsmanship is translated into monetary terms. Each piece becomes unique and is naturally more expensive than gold jewelry made by a lathe.

Recognizing handmade gold jewelry

Going to a reputed jewelry merchant and buying handmade gold jewelries is the safest option. The pieces of jewelry can be actually seen and felt. The craftsmanship is evident and can be easily distinguished from the machine made pieces. If the merchant tells you that it is handcrafted, in case you have a doubt, you can believe that it is made by man and not a machine. The jeweler knows that his reputation is at stake and will not mislead you. Customize jewelry to be made for you and you can be sure that it is not machine made.

Online shopping is more of a risk. When you visit an online site selling jewelry, read up the testimonials as well as what the manufacturer is saying about the origin of the designs and their beliefs. Roll the mouse over the photo of a piece of jewelry and enlarge it. If the design is intricate and the description says that it is handmade gold jewelry, try to recognize if it looks machine made as the edges would be smooth and would seem as if it has been taken out of a mold. Check out the certification by any accredited institutions, as all jewelry must be certified and graded according to it karat age. The site should also have a buy back policy in case you want to encash the handmade gold jewelries especially in case of an emergency.

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