Indian gold wire jewelry for different occasions


Gold wire jewelry has a unique charm of its own. Fashioned into different designs, this kind of jewelry is long lasting and can be worn by women, and now, increasingly, men. In India, the gold wire is used as the basis for a lot of jewelry patterns. Depending on the thickness and the karat used, the price can vary accordingly. Yet, for those who just cannot do without some jewelry on their body, this is a good option, as it will not cause any allergies and looks good. Gold always enhances the color of the skin and does not clash with the colors of the clothes you wear.

Gold wire jewelry is versatile

Rest assured that when you buy wire jewelry you are buying an investment for life. Gold has appreciated over the years and those who had bought gold jewelry many years back are able to sell it for high returns today. Sometimes merchants deduct the making charges from the current price of gold for the particular piece that you want to sell, but still it works out profitably.

The gold wire can be machine made into standardized designs to be used as chains or necklaces. The wire can be intertwined to give a serpentine effect and can be long or short, with or without a pendant. Indian married women wear these necklaces, interspersed with black beads, as they are considered auspicious for a long and happy married life. Sometimes a pendant in an auspicious shape which can be region specific is added to the chain, for sanctity. During the marriage ceremony the groom ties this around the neck of the bride, and she has to wear this as long as they are married.

Men are wearing gold wire jewelries around their necks as it is simple and fulfils their need for adornment. Some even have a thin bangle out of this on their wrists. Women also buy bracelets and wear rings fashioned out of gold wire. Precious stones can be held in place by the gold wire and look beautiful, as rings or earrings.

Care of gold wire jewelry

Gold wire jewelries does need some cleaning periodically. It is likely to attract dirt and soap residue especially if you wear it constantly on your person. If the wire has been fashioned into an intricate design then it probably has dirt lodged in the grooves. The cleaning can be done by immersing the jewelry in a hot soapy solution and then rubbing it with a soft brush. Rinse it with plain water a couple of times and then buff it with a soft cloth.

One can also get it done professionally at a reputed jeweler’s shop, where they polish it with gold dust, after cleaning it. But do be careful at leaving the jewelry with a merchant because there are cases where some of the gold has been sloughed off. In such cases, before giving it for cleaning, get the merchant to weigh it and check the authenticity of the gold. In this way you can be sure you are getting back the gold wire jewelry pattern that you had given.

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