All about Gold Jewelry Making in India


Indians are the pioneers in the art of gold jewelry making. In India, women have been wearing jewelry from the prehistoric ages to adorn almost every part of their body. Jewelry has been worn for religious reasons as well as for its aesthetic appeal and goldsmiths and artisans have created exotic designs that have been inspired by nature or beauty. Gold jewelry making, the intricate art that has been successfully learned by certain craftsmen and today it is also machine made.

Properties of Gold involved in the making of gold jewelries

Gold has a lower melting temperature than copper and a higher density than other metals. Gold jewelry is normally weighed in grams, ounces (troy) or pennyweight (DWT) The purest form of gold is referred to as 24 karats and no metals are added to this. Because it is a soft material, alloys are used to create designs and enhance its beauty and the result is white, yellow or red gold. Gold jewelry can be 14 kt and go up to 22 kt where the amount of gold present in the item determines the karat weight. People purchase 22 kt gold popularly in India, as intricate designs are available. It does not get tarnished or damaged easily and retains its luster and shine for years.

Creating jewelry making is not only restricted to handcrafted styles and designs. The materials used for making this type of jewelry are bars, wires and gold plates which are formed by artisans who use special tools to craft their designs.

Types of processes used in gold jewelries making

Various processes are employed in the process of creating gold jewelry. Ingots are the basic forms of gold and the alloys used to make jewelry with pure gold are silver, copper and zinc. Gold fill jewelry is made by bonding gold to other metals. The quantity of gold used should be at least 5% of the total metal. If gold overlay or plating is used, the content of gold should be at least 2.5%.

There are various types of jewelry that is now available in the market and this range from gold vermeil jewelry, white gold, rose gold to green gold.

Gold jewelry making is especially predominant in places, such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala, where many special designs are inspired by the cobra’s hood, paisley motif or even cucumber seeds. Kundan jewelry is popular in places such as Gujarat and Surat.

Fashion trends with gold jewelry making

Today, gold jewelry is worn according to the type of attire worn by Indian women. Various types of design that may ape Western lockets, brooches and motifs as well as typical Indian Kundan and Meenakari styles are available in a wide selection for women. Gold jewelry may be hollow and women prefer to wear large earring that are hollow as these are lighter and more comfortable. The art of gold jewelry making is depicted with modernity and contemporary styles through various websites online display different ranges and styles and you can browse through their selections and even have them custom made for you if you have any preferences. You can order these items online, or go to the nearest jewelry store near you and place your order, or pick up a readymade item that will match your outfit.

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