Gold jewelry designers display aesthetic appeal


A gold jewelry designer brings the look of exclusivity and beauty to a piece of adornment. There are specialized courses that a designer goes through, including one on gemology, so that they become experts in the subject of designing jewelry. Some designers work by themselves, operating through word of mouth. With the internet making online shopping easy and safe, these designers can showcase their talent in online catalogs and take on orders. They usually have a team of goldsmiths working for them. There are also designer jewelry outfits like Tanishq which engage the services of qualified personnel to design jewelry for them. Then the jewelry is either handcrafted or machine made depending on the requirement and the clientele for each.

Engage a gold jewelry designer to plan the layout

Meet with a jewelry designer to decide on what kind of jewelry you would like for your wedding. Famous designer jewelry houses spoil you for choice with collections that are user and price friendly. They arrange for a face to face meeting with renowned designers who will custom make a collection just for you. The Taj collection from Tanishq with its exquisite and intricate ‘jaali’ work, the stone inlay and engraved stone flowers in gold is reminiscent of a romantic bygone era. Have a look at the catalogue, decide if you want gold interspersed with stones, or the traditional meenakari or kundan work and you are all set.

Choose a ‘maang tikka’ for the parting in your hair, move onto the necklace and earrings. The ‘kamar patta’ is coming back in fashion and is a band around the waist which goes over your wedding dress. Made of gold, studded with precious stones, this can highlight a narrow waist. Order an armlet which can be studded with colorful stones to match or contrast with the wedding dress. Move further down to the ‘payals’ or anklets offset by toe rings. A jewelry designer is bound to give you the best designs, in modern or traditional patterns.

Gifting jewelry is associated with love and romance and when this has been especially designed with the receiver in mind then it becomes all the more meaningful. Like if your beloved’s favorite color is green then a combination of emerald in gold pair of earrings will elicit the ‘oohs’ and ‘love you forever’. Designers will help you out in selecting and combining different stones with gold. There is a stone for every month of the year representing a zodiac sign and this can make the selection easier.

Be sure and safe when you engage a gold jewelry designer

Gold jewelries designer house will provide you with a brand of exclusivity. The moment it is mentioned that the jewelry is from D’damas, Tanishq, or the Gitanjali group, then there is a stamp of quality that comes without saying. They also advertise jewelry for all moods and all occasions. All designer jewelry stores know that everything depends on their reputation and are well armed with the IGI certification and the Hallmark seal that is recognized internationally. These certifications allow for redeeming the jewelry at any of the outlets of the jewelry store.

Express everlasting love using the mystique and alluring appeal of jewelry made by a gold jewelry designer and your token of emotions will be remembered for life.

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