Why women flaunt gold designer jewelry?


Adornment has always been a passion with women, and gold designer jewelry offsets this need. Regardless of age, women have been using jewelry to highlight their fashion sense. Some use jewelry like naval studs or nose rings to draw attention to parts of the anatomy. Others use it to detract attention from certain areas of their body. For example a woman with a muffin top will use a heavy ornate necklace or choker so that people look up and not down.

Gold designer jewelry feeds this need for women to look good. Self esteem and confidence gets a boost when a woman knows that she is wearing something exclusive and unique. Having a few pieces of designer jewelry, which are advertised for a particular kind of woman, makes any woman feel special. This allows her to identify with that particular image.

Gold designer jewelry has an exclusive label

Designers have realized that there is a very lucrative business in making exclusive jewelry designs. Cleverly advertised to appeal to the sophistication and taste of women and their men, these designers cater to a niche segment of clientele. Gold designer jewelries Is marked with the logo or label of the designer house. The logo is worked into the jewelry either as a small engraving or a bigger style statement. That is why one finds small diamonds encrusted in the shape of letters of the designer house, carved into a necklace or bracelet. It will be unobtrusive yet noticeable.

The designer house also uses a common theme across all its patterns. Some use only diamonds, others only rubies, or emeralds with the gold jewelry. This becomes their recognizable trade mark. So much so that if someone says that her engagement ring is from a particular designer, then immediately the value and exclusivity of the ring can be ascertained. This is shown to the envy of all her friends, and marks her fiancé as having exquisite taste, not to mention being wealthy, to afford it.

Gold designer jewelries is also made for men, and women are the ones buying it for their men. Cufflinks, rings, tie pins, lapel pins, are some of the exclusive items that come with the designer label. Surprisingly, the women seem to get enthused buying designer stuff for men, and love to flaunt their men wearing it.

Buyer be aware of gold designer jewelry

In the rush for owning or gifting something which is going to enhance your status, do not get cheated in buying a product that is not worth the price paid for it. Ensure that the label is genuine, and the price is realistic. Cheap imitations have flooded the market, though thankfully they do not charge exorbitant prices as the original. Pay only for unique workmanship and exclusivity, rather than focusing only on the designer house. If you are not familiar with the designer then check out the credentials. See to it that they certify to the purity of the gold and ensure that, years later, when you want to return their product they should give you the value of the gold.

Online sites selling designer jewelry generally let you know the source of their stock. Some sites sell multiple labels and they may be authorized to do so. But this should be stated clearly.

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