Gold Plated Jewelry - Don't Get It Wrong!

plated gold jewelry

Gold plated jewelry is very commonly found when it comes to fashion jewelry and play pieces. The metal is usually made of an inexpensive compound, such as zinc or copper, and there is a gold overlay placed on it. This is what gives off the look that it’s gold jewelry. 

There are numerous people all over the world that buy gold plated jewelry, whether they just want something affordable to match a dress for one night or whether it’s for a fashion piece in a show. There are some benefits to using this type of metal but there are also some disadvantages to look out for; it mainly depends on what you want to use the items for. 

The main benefit is that the items are cheap to buy. The jewelers and stores can’t offer them at a high rate because of the metal that is used to create the jewelry. This is why the products work well for those wanting jewelry for a play or just need something that will work for an evening event. 

The items do pass off as being gold for a short time, which is another reason why they will work well for one night; or as that accessory that is always worn with the same dress for events. Many pieces of gold plated jewelry also include small gems, which also look like the real thing. It is a great way to quickly add something extra to your look. 

However, because the overlay is just that, it will wear away over time. The overlay scratches off very easily, so the items are not recommended for regular use. Also, the oils that you have on your skin also cause the plating to come off over time. This just leaves the ring with its original metal look, whether it was a copper ring or a zinc one. 

The metal is also breakable and flimsy. Real gold will be difficult to bend, even 9kt gold is difficult. However, the zinc or copper that these items are made off will squish with enough force. Using the fingers is often enough to bend and break the items, because they are so thin and weak, and this often leaves the items looking misshapen and tacky. 

Most people that wear gold plated jewelry for a long time will notice green marks being left on the skin. This is extremely common and happens because the gold overlay has worn away. Copper items are the ones that will leave the green marks behind. Unfortunately, this can also happen through the use of real gold and even silver. 9kt, 14kt and 18kt gold are mixed with other metals and copper is usually one of them. Silver also includes 7.5% copper. While the green color will usually wash away, there are some people who will find that it permanently stains the skin. 

You can’t sell the metal for gold because there is no real gold in it. This can be disappointing for those who are looking at getting rid of their unwanted jewelry and gain some money for it. Even if the gold plating is still there, the jeweler will see right through you and the weight of the item will give it away. If you really wanted to sell this, you’d have to market it at a low price and declare exactly what it is. 

So, there you have it. Gold plated jewelry can be advantageous for some people, depending on what you want it for. It is cheap and affordable, making it perfect for one-off pieces or for small and low budget productions but this is definitely not something that you should buy if you want to wear it regularly.

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Gold Plated Jewelry - Don't Get It Wrong!

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