Gold Nugget Jewelry - What you should know!

Gold nugget jewelry can be purchased from any specialist shops that sell genuine gold nuggets. The best gold nugget, where the purity of gold is highest, is from Australia and followed closely by Alaska and Georgia in the United States. It is important to understand that nuggets are not 100% pure, because they contain various levels of impurities. Most often these nuggets contain silver or copper. In the natural nugget form, the demand is more, as it can fetch a larger amount than raw melted gold, depending on the rarity of the form.

On an average, expect to pay at least 20 to 50% more for quality natural nuggets over the current spot price of gold. The price for smaller nuggets is lower than larger ones. Here again, the prices can fluctuate depending on the “appeal” value of the nugget. If you are looking for gold nugget jewelry make sure that the items you buy are genuine and bought from reliable sources. There are several sites online that claim to sell genuine nuggets and most often use macro lens to enlarge the size. It is not possible to make out the actual size unless it is placed next to a ruler, or a coin of a certain denomination that is held in the palm of one’s hand.

Gold nuggets are available as two types. One is the river washed, or “placer” gold and the other is hard rock, or “lode gold.” The rarest form of these gold nuggets has rare characteristics, with inclusions of materials, such as host rock or quartz. It is important to check that the surface of the stone contains at least 75% gold rather than rock. Many people prefer to collect gold nuggets rather than invest in gold nugget jewelry. Two varieties of gold nuggets are popularly sought. One is the Collector’s grade and the other is the Specimen Grade. Gold weight is listed in troy and metric value. One ounce of gold (troy) is equal to 31.10 grams or 20 penny weight (dwt.)

Pretty lockets can be crafted with, the gold nugget placed in the center, to enhance the beauty when you wish to wear it round your neck on a gold chain. You can add diamonds or other precious stones, or wear it plain against a flat background, to make it stand out. Jewelers make sets with gold nuggets to wear as earrings and pendants, or big flashy rings that look gorgeous, when set on a gold or platinum band. Since no new stones are ever alike, you can enjoy wearing gold nugget jewelry to set the pace at any important event and make a fashion statement.

Gold nugget jewelry is highly priced because they are rare. Be wary of merchants online who may not give you the real McCoy! One ounce of gold nugget is more difficult to find than a 5 carat diamond! Try to get your jewelry from reliable and authentic sources. It would be worth making a trip to Australia or Alaska to choose the style you wish to flaunt.

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