Gold Filled Jewelry

The history of Gold filled jewelry can be dated back to the 1950s, when many people, who could not afford to purchase gold ornaments decided to wear these sleek elegant styles that are not priced as high as real gold. The weight of this type of jewelry has to be 5% or greater, if not 1/20 or more than 10K, or gold of a higher karat. The karat designation is marked on the jewelry to indicate that it meets the legal standard. To make this type of jewelry in 14 K gold, 14 parts of pure gold is weighed with 10 parts of the base metal to be used.

This “Gold of the Future,” is generally stronger than karat gold, since the structural strength is added by the base metal that forms the inner core. It is possible to work fine designs as a malleable surface is created due to the thick plating. Gold-filled jewelry, or Gold-overlay as it is also referred, is affordable and popular. The credit goes to the designers who perfected the science through the ages and the present day artisans, who continue to shape and fill this type of gold, with the latest trends of fashion, using wires, tubes or flatstock gold sheets to meet the demands of the newer generations. This type of jewelry is not only beautifully breath-taking; it also has strength and durability at a fraction of the cost of gold.

Gold filled jewelry is manufactured by fusing or pressure bonding a layer of Karat gold to a base metal or alloy, such as brass, copper, sterling silver or rhodium, to form a permanent bond. A substantial layer of gold is required to create the fusion and therefore the final outcome is guaranteed indestructible gold that is excellent for designing vintage gold filled brooches, delicately carved earrings and pendant chains that can be 18K, 14K, 12K or 10K gold. Gold does not tarnish easily as it is an inert element and therefore remains indestructible. Gold filled jewelry does not chip or peel and is a great alternative economically to purchasing ornaments that contain more gold.

It is important to take care of your jewelry and ensure that it maintains the luster and characteristics. The best way to clean gold filled jewelry is to use warm water. Let it air dry and then use a soft polishing cloth to enhance the sparkle and sheen. Do not use circular movements but try to use varying straight lines to polish your jewelry. If you feel that the jewelry requires a little more cleaning due to rough handling, you could lay the ornaments in an aluminum foil-covered container and sprinkle a dash of gentle washing powder. Pour hot water over the jewelry and remove it after about a minute. Rinse well in cool water and allow it to air dry. Bleach, or harsh washing agents should never be used, but you can use mild liquid soap, instead of soap powder. Store the jewelry in individual containers to prevent scratches. Your gold filled jewelry is bound to last you a lifetime if you handle it with care.

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