Gold Cross Jewelry - Various Styles

Wearing of gold cross jewelry dates back to early times, when royalty wore jewelry, to express themselves in society and depict their higher status. Many cultures have applied the use of jewelry as emblems of religious affiliation. They make impressive fashion statements. The best gift you can give a friend, as a keepsake, is a gold cross in perhaps 14K gold. The wearer will always remember you as gold ornaments are indestructible and people treasure well crafted pieces of jewelry.

One of the popular styles of gold cross jewelry is the Byzantine cross pendants and medallions found in archeological digs. During the fourth century, Greek, Roman and Christian cultural achievements were unparallel in art, jewelry and architecture. The early cross pendants portrayed ancient symbols of spirituality and Christian faith within the cross design. In Egyptian hieroglyphs, the lines that intersect at the center signify life flowing out radiantly. Various styles and designs are seen that enhance the beauty of this type of jewelry. The Celtic cross generally places a circle embedded with precious stones, or plain, around the arms of the Latin cross. This is to symbolize the radiance of the sun’s rays.

It is interesting to note that the Greek cross design is different from the Christian Latin cross that represents the crucifixion of Jesus. The arms of the cross are equal in length unlike the Latin cross where the intersection at the center is slightly above center. This is to represent a man with his arms wide open. The Greeks consider the cross as a sign of God while the Christians identify the cross with the crucifixion of Jesus. The use of the Christian cross is evident in any English church service. Princess Diana was laid in the casket with a cross draped on her neck in 1997.

Gold cross jewelry is very trendy and makes impressive fashion statements. This type of jewelry is sold all over the world and different styles and finishes make each one more exclusive than the other. For instance, you can select a 3D Gold Hollow Cross, or a Cross Pendant with a Diamond Solitaire at the intersection. Some crosses copy the Japanese bamboo design or have “fleur-de-lis” (flower of the lily) arms, which have been used throughout the centuries to represent the Trinity, which is a famous religious emblem in Christianity. If you are seeking authentic reproductions of by-gone eras you can check out the Unique and Heritage Collections and select the design that catches your fancy.

The cross can be worn with any type of outfit by men, women and children. Women prefer to wear the cross pendant, with a sleek short gold chain close to their heart. Men can opt for longer chains and children can wear them short or long. Check out the necklaces in the gold cross jewelry section and select the style when you wish to present someone special a valuable gift. Enhance the value by ensuring that it is set with diamonds, pearls or any other precious stones to make it exclusive.

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