Gold coin jewelry, which appears something new and hot fashion in the age of information, is the part of the yesteryear’s traditional jewellery. Gold coins have been used as money as early as 700 BC and much before that, gold coin jewelry has been used as adornment for deities. Because of its malleability, gold can be fashioned into different shapes with intricate designs. What was earlier done by hand, with the value going up for craftsmanship, is now done through lathes and molds, and has become more standardized. There are accredited certifications by recognized bodies for the purity of gold and this is marked on the gold, whether it is a biscuit or jewelry. 24 karat gold is the purest form of gold. What is used as jewelry is 22K, 18K and 14K gold. The number denotes the parts of gold to the parts of another metal or metals, like 18 karat gold contains 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of other metals usually copper and nickel, and is considered as 75 % gold.

In the early days, a gold coin was used as a form of barter. Merchants started fashioning gold coin jewellery out of these coins as gifts for the ladies of the house or for their mistresses. The size of the gold coin decided the length of the necklace. Coins of a particular era reflected the artwork of that period. The likeness of the rulers was inscribed onto the face of the coin with the other side having the emblem of the dynasty engraved on it. Sometimes the necklace was made of twisted wire or rolled thread with one or two coins used as pendants. Even rings made of small gold coins have been traced back to the Roman era. It was considered prestigious to wear jewelry made of gold.

Gold coins are given as gifts to commemorate occasions like the birth of a child or birthdays. Coins given to girls are collected over the years and made into gold coin jewelry to be worn when they get married. Nowadays the trend is to wear gold coins of different sizes strung together as a necklace. The traditional pattern of a gold coin necklace, in India, is one where the coins are of an even size and thickness, and have the facsimile of Goddess Lakshmi inscribed on it. Each coin overlaps the other marginally. The Goddess represents wealth and it is considered auspicious to wear such a necklace, signifying the abundance of good fortune for the wearer. Each region has its variation of gold coin jewelry. Tribal designs have a central piece made out of wood, yarn, or bone, shaped as a crescent with coins hanging from it. These coins have flowers or animals etched on them.

The value of gold will always hold good and is a safe investment option. Most paper money investments will depreciate because of inflation, but gold will offer a better price when traded years after it is bought. With a hallmark the purity of the gold can be certified and will accordingly fetch a price when sold. Antique jewelry made out of gold coins will fetch very good returns. Gold coin jewelry will never lose its uniqueness and wearing it will make any occasion special.


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