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From years, the Discount gold jewelry is proven as attractive and successful marketing gimmick by the jewelry manufacturers to increase their sales revenue and net profit. In India, some jewelry manufacturers offer discount gold jewelry to draw attention of their existing as well as new customers to their shops during prosperous festival occasion’s of Diwali , Vaisakhi, Rakhsha bandhan, even on Valentine’s day and Mother’s day too. Whenever the jewelry business faces down fall due to liquidity crunch in the market or rise in gold prices, then discount gold jewelries is offered by many jewelry manufacturers at the wholesale prices. 

Buying and selling Gold is one of the oldest businesses in India. Indians from all the backgrounds buy gold jewelry as an investment. Buying gold jewelry is considered as an investment option in India from the old age. India has been considered gold’s own country as it has proud to own world’s highest gold reserve. Indian people use gold jewelry in their spiritual rituals to enthrall their Gods to their personal customs like marriage, wedding, child birth. 

When economy is sinking, Gold investment, being considered as safest investment providing gain over long term, is given preference by investor throughout the world. Increasing demand leads to rise in gold prices. Let’s look at the reasons behind the rise in gold prices. 

Whenever the economy of the country is on the verge of crash and its currency starts depreciating in its value in comparison to other countries, gold investment is given priority overany other investment opportunity by the investors. Even the speculation of downfall makes many go frenzy and look for safer investment options. 

As the US economy faced bad times in 2008, its influence on the economy of other developing nations including India was evident. Investors lost their confidence on the stocks and their currency and migrated to gold and silver investment. With the fixed supply and increasing demand, gold prices were bound to increase. In the previous years, the returns that gold have provided are outspoken. It has surpassed stocks for the last 10 years. Even though markets have become relatively stable now, but still investors is giving precedence to gold investment. 

But this ever increasing gold price trend has become a cause of concern for many gold jewelers in India and across the globe. Business of jewelry manufacturer is facing a downfall because rise in prices of Gold are keeping even interested jewelry buyers at bay. 

To fetch their customers back to the shops, jewelry manufacturer are offering discount gold jewelry at the whole sale prices. These discount offers are generally specific to the selected jewelry items and these discounts starts from 30% to as high as 80% of their original retail price. Online discount offers generally lure the investors with free of cost shipment of the jewelry item. The discounts offers are available on jewelry items made up of 12k, 14k, and 18k, with lesser gold purity ratios. 

Gold jewelers, bearing the brunt of rise in gold prices, are trying to attract their customers by providing discount gold jewelry. In the scenario of sky rocketing gold prices, discount gold jewelry comes as a little relief and provide a golden opportunity to invest in the gold. But always check the authenticity of gold if it is hallmark approved or purity of gold before purchasing it offline and online so as to make sure that investment is made in genuine gold product.

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