Diamond Gold Jewelry - Diamonds Augmenting Gold's Beauty

Diamond will always create sparkle, whether it is in the diamond gold jewelry or in the eyes of the owner. Diamonds are extremely precious stones and are always loved by women. It always complements the beauty and glow of gold. Gold jewelry with diamonds is available in the market in the form of Pendants, ear rings, necklace, bracelet, etc. Diamonds are the hardest stones known to exist on the planet. And because of this, the diamonds are forever. It can be set in gold or silver, but diamond set in gold sparkles to its best. 

Gold has always been on the forefront of all Indian weddings from many centuries. It is not only the Indian weddings that witness the extreme use of gold, but actually all auspicious occasions. Indian men used to wear the same amount of gold jewelry as the Indian women, but this trend has now faded. For women, gold is still one of the best attractions. Gold also serves as the security and insurance at the times of urgency because gold always has the same resale value as the market price. The use of diamonds in jewelry has added value to the gold because any diamond gold jewellery, where a diamond is set in the beautiful yellow gold, always complements the beauty of women. 

To have the maximum glitter out of your diamond gold jewelry, you should go for the highest quality gold to set the diamond inside. One of the other things that should be considered is that the gold should be free from any amount of nickel, because any amount of nickel can cause irritation to the skin. The gold without any trace of other metal is the perfect choice to host the diamond. 

Coming to the diamonds, the shine of the diamond is not governed by the size. It all depends on the high-quality of the diamond. A small high-quality diamond set in any diamond gold jewelry will shine the same way a big stone will. It is hard to judge the purity of diamond all by yourself, so you should always take professional help to distinguish an original diamond from fake ones. The four parameters that make diamonds rare and valuable are Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity. 

The diamond is selected depending upon the way it is to be used in the jewelry. The diamond is cut differently if it is to be used in a pendant or a nose ring. A 3-point or 5-point diamond is generally used with the nose rings. A 3-point diamond has 0.03 carat weight and a diameter of 2mm. Similarly a 5-point diamond has 0.05 carat weight and a diameter of 5mm. It all depends on which diamond gold jewelry it is to be used with. 

Although they are expensive, sparkling and shining diamond gold jewellery is the requirement for today’s women who prefer to wear light and trendy jewelry at work, special occasions and weddings as well.

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