A diamond is surely the girl’s best friend but when it is diamond gold jewellery then it is a partnership for life. Match the ‘K’, Karats with the ‘C’ Carats and get the investment right. A 22 karat gold necklace studded with a few diamonds with a carat weight of 1, can appreciate over the years, with a marginal price cut for the making charges. Diamonds are formed after years of evolution and are one of the hardest substances to be found. But a lot depends on the cut, color, clarity and carat weight and the price is based on the quality of these 4 Cs.

The gold should be either 18 k or 22 k to hold a solitaire. A diamond of 1.01 c would be priced around $1000. Here again, the color, clarity, and cut of the stone has a bearing on the price. Shape of the diamond is different from cut. The shape can be round, oval, or heart shaped - manufacturers have their own nomenclature for shapes they sell. The cut is what gives the diamond its sparkle, or the amount of light that is reflected and emitted from the stone. Fortunately there are different grades of diamonds which are much cheaper that can be made into diamond gold jewellery. On their own diamonds can be set in rhodium or silver coated with gold to bring down the price of rings and earrings. Necklaces and bangles can be so designed that the base metal can be polished with gold dust to hold the diamonds.

It is believed that diamonds have the power, especially in an open setting (where the stone touches the skin), to absorb the emotions of the wearer and react with it. That is why many people are advised, according to their natal chart, to wear a diamond to ward off bad fortune. There are interesting legends surrounding diamonds handed over generations. If the wearer suffered ill luck or was not a nice person then these qualities would be ‘transferred’ to the next person who wears this piece of diamond gold jewellery.

Cleaning diamonds periodically is necessary as sweat, makeup products, and grime can cause the diamond to lose its luster. Since a diamond is given a polish when it is finished, any harsh scrubbing can remove this protective layer. Place the diamond gold jewellery in a warm solution of mild liquid detergent and leave it for half an hour. Then use a soft brush and gently clean over and under the jewelry, and rinse it out with plain warm water. Dry it out using a soft cloth. Remember to place a towel underneath while cleaning as the precious set should not go down the drain.

There are diamonds to suit all budgets, but always look for a mark of guarantee before paying. Yet, brides would like an expensive diamond gold jewellery set for their wedding, as it is symbolic of eternal love, and can be matched with any bridal ensemble. Make sure that the store will take back the jewelry when you want to resell it.

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