Diamond and gold jewelry – Steals the fashion shows!

There is no doubt that diamond and gold jewelry is the women’s best friend, which makes them look more attractive, appealing and fuller. Beauty, magnificence, lavishness, luxury and also the romance can be the best terms that can describe the Indian gold and diamond jewellery. We all know that gold has the eternal association with India. The unknown fact is Indians are the first to use diamonds. India flourished by trading and exporting the gold and diamonds. 

History of diamonds has greater association with kings and emperors of ancient ages. However, the precious diamonds have no artistic value without gold. Gold is the exclusive element with which the diamonds can be strung. For instance, diamond rings are considered the most romantic gift. But is it possible to gift your love with the diamonds? Even though the value of diamonds is high, it has no ornamental and sensual value. Eventually, the value of diamonds gets increased when it is used with gold. They cannot be used with other metals, where platinum is exception. However, platinum is the recent introduction and is not as popular as diamond and gold jewelry. Being so precious and expensive, it is quite common that people get obsessed when they own any such valued and costlier jewellery. 

Regardless of having a history of centuries, diamond and gold jewelry can never go out of style. Diamond jewellery is worn for different reasons by different people. It is known for symbolizing strength, astrological reasons, depicting romance and love, etc. Yet, now the diamonds have a different facet. It is considered the great fashion statement, sheering brilliance, ideal choice of gifts for wedding, etc. 

Recent fashion shows has always had showstoppers and models wearing it and showcasing different designs and shapes of leading jewelry groups. It was an instant hit with most of them shining on while they cat walked stylishly grabbing eyeballs and were definitely worth a second look! The entire credit is attributed to the exclusive, priceless, cozy, graceful and sparkling diamond and gold jewelry. 

You can witness an increasingly alarming use of a lot more of gold and diamond jewelry in the fashion parades with models donning chucks of the expensive jewelry in their attire and accessories, the main reason being its wide acceptance and value across the world. The value and beauty of the diamond and gold jewelry is better known to the fashion designers and stylists. Fashion models now walk with glittering and precious diamond jewellery ranging from bubble bangles, nose pins, laser cut light weight jewelry, to rhodium neck laces, trendy ear drops and much more. 

From celebrities to show stoppers, most of them have walked on the ramp and strutted some creative pieces of various designers and leading jewelry houses adorning themselves with stylish pieces of diamond and gold jewelry with great elegance and poise, in the recent times. 

Why are these metals gaining such popularity in the recent times on the fashion scene, why is it such a hit? The simple reason being that most consumers today would invest on gold and diamonds rather than artificial or junk jewelry and are always on the lookout of jewelry that can be used for a long time. 

Gold and diamond add on to the beauty and charm into the entire show which attracts huge audiences and completes the trousseau look. Contemporary designs are a huge success at the ramp. From Bollywood actors like Urmila to Geeta Basra, almost every celebrity has strutted some of the most exquisite and strikingly attractive pieces of jewelry giving a distinct touch to the each set worn as well as sizzling on the ramp. Teaming it all up with some catchy garment to complement the fragile jewelry, Gold and Diamonds indeed create magic on the ramp. 

Indians and the audiences all over the world, for that matter have always valued gold and diamonds for its worth, beauty and unexplainable charm. Most importantly it is something that gives you an absolute worth of the money spent. Moreover models that are draped in traditional saris teamed up with some impressive and magnificent diamond and gold jewelry gathering a worldwide appeal from the viewers, critics, and audiences alike. Gold and Diamond are here to stay, clearly, they are a girl’s best friend on the ramp and off it.

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