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Looking for bridal design gold Indian jewelry? Wedding is celebrated as a great grand festival in India, where the important place is captured by designer gold jewelry next to the bride and groom. People of India always have a predilection for gold. Indians have been mesmerized by the charisma of ornaments from time immemorial, especially in gold. It is very true that India, Indian bride, Indian wedding and Jewelry are intrinsically linked. Most women in the country love to adorn themselves with the exclusive design gold Indian jewelry for brides, irrespective of caste or religion and it forms an unavoidable part of social ceremonies like marriage.

Different types of bridal design gold Indian jewelry forms an important role for the overall attire of a bride. In fact, it is believed that the bridal look is incomplete if she not wears each section of the jewelry meant for a bride. The bride usually wears yellow gold jewelry in most of the weddings due to the auspicious color and power. However, nowadays, some people opt for platinum, silver, diamond and white gold jewelry, as additional ornaments with gold jewellery.

Bridal jewelry is generally the ornate items with grand and lavish designs. It is available as an exclusive collection and gold sets that include, head bands, necklaces, bangles, rings, bracelets and earrings. Each piece of jewellery in the wedding collection boasts the same design and patterns. Further, you can order for exclusive bridal design gold Indian jewelry that suit with your bridal costume. Items like tiaras and nose pins are also included with similar designs and patterns for the perfect and best look in the bridal costume. You will just love all those bridal gold jewelry with ethnic designs crafted by highly professional artists.

For instance, if you wish to go for a red silk sari with rich zari and pallu work with floral pattern and design in the borders, you can order for the customized bridal collection of gold Jewellery with the same pattern matching your sari. You will get the entire set of design gold Indian jewelry including head band, bangles, chains, necklaces, ear rings or studs, brooches, armlets, etc in the floral pattern. Eventually, sometimes there will be no requirement of ordering the customized bridal design Indian gold jewelry as, exclusive bridal collection gold jewellery is offered by many of the famous jewellery shops in India.

The bridal costume is generally worn in red or pink colour. In south India, silk saris adorn the brides and in North India, brides look at their best in rich and luxuriant artwork saris with rich embroidery work, stone work, etc. Both the kind of wedding costume of a bride tends to offer the complete appearance with rich and glowing design gold Indian Jewelry. Further, the richness of silk saris is enriched with the traditional gold Indian jewellery. Of course, the varied and extravagant designs bear attestation to the amazing skills of traditional gold artisans and goldsmiths in the country.

In ancient ages, until a couple of decades, designing and crafting the jewellery for brides has been celebrated as a grand festival. People used to hire a dedicated goldsmith to design and craft the jewellery as desired by the bride or groom.

List of design gold Indian jewelry worn by brides:

• Tiara - Adorn the forehead of the brides

• Hair accessories – Customized gold hair accessories are crafted to suit the wedding costume of the bride

• Ear rings or studs – In traditional weddings, brides generally wear gold stud strung with diamonds. Ear ring or ear studs with chain are worn matching the sari.

• Necklaces and chains

• Armlets and Anklets

• Bangles

• Rings

• Nose rings / nose pins / studs

• Waist ornament – It is an important parts that complete the bride’s look. Heavy and chunkier waist ornaments are worn by brides.

When we talk about wedding jewellery, it is very sure that we imagine three different types jewellery collection.

1. The rich, heavier and distinctive necklaces worn by brides of Kerala, ranging from small chain and short necklace to longer kasu mala and broader, heavy patterned necklaces.

2. Traditional stone or temple gold jewellery strung with rubies and pearls worn by brides of Tamil Nadu

3. Rich, heavy and elegant gem stone gold jewellery worn by north Indian brides.

The choice of bridal design gold Indian jewelry is quite important for any Indian bride, as it enhance the personality and grace of the bride. It makes the brides look at their best on the most special day of their life.

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