Cleaning Gold Jewelry - How it Works

Looking for ways of cleaning gold jewelry? While gold doesn’t stain, it can start to look dull over time so you’ll need to look for ways to clean your gold jewelry. The duller look is all because of the oils that are released from your skin and from the natural elements every day. Most people will take their gold to a store to have is cleaned professionally but here are ways that you can clean your own jewelry. 

Cleaning gold jewelry doesn’t mean that you need to use expensive products and special branded items; just normal, everyday washing up liquid will work perfectly for the job. Use a mild detergent so that you don’t spoil the metal jewelry and always add it to some warm water. 

When cleaning gold jewelry, it’s best to let it soak in the water for some time. This will give the oils a chance to work their way off the metal and will also give it chance to work its way out of the smaller spaces. If you go straight to scrubbing at it, you stand a chance of damaging the metal instead. The last thing you want is to leave scratch marks in your jewelry. 

Of course, you’ll end up with some parts of the jewelry that need scrubbing. This is usually in the tighter corners, especially if you have other jewels. Use a small toothbrush for this but make sure that the bristles are soft; this will help to ensure the dirt and oils are removed from the smaller areas. You’ll also benefit if you’re cleaning a chain that has small gaps or links in it. 

Once you’ve finished with cleaning gold jewelry, you’ll need to dry it. Use a polishing cloth, if you can, since this will help you to bring the shine back to your item. There’s no need to use any special product afterwards. 

Ammonia or seltzer water, that’s sodium free, will also help you to remove any marks that are on your jewelry. You’ll also be able to use this to help bring the shine back. However, only add a drop of them to the water because they will also damage the metal that you’re cleaning. You’ll also need to make sure that these products, especially the ammonia, are completely rinsed off the metal because they will also irritate the skin. 

The ammonia and other bleach materials should not be used when cleaning gold jewelry of a lower karat; this is anything below 18 karat gold. Because of all the other materials used, you’ll find that the items will become damaged and will start to wear away. You’ll also need to be aware of cleaning gold jewelry that has diamonds and other jewels in them, especially those that have softer jewel, such as pearls, in them. You should only use detergent to clean them. 

Professionals will use special products to help with the cleaning process. This is what you are really paying for – as well as the time it takes for them to clean the items. However, you can do it safely from the comfort of your own home and it will save you a lot of money, especially if you have large amount of items that need cleaning. You can also use this to help clean any gold coins that you have. 

Cleaning gold jewelry helps to bring the shine back but there is no need to clean the jewelry if you are planning on selling it for the gold to be melted down. The jewelry will be sold for the weight and not for what it looks like; remember that it is going to be melted down, after all. 

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