An unbeatable way to add color and up one’s style quotient is to go in for wholesale Indian imitation jewelry. Women, and now increasingly men, are looking for accessories to enhance their style of dressing, specifically with the imitation jewellery. Trawl the net for the best bargains and the best choices. Pieces of jewelry can even be custom made by manufacturers, on bulk orders. Use jewelry bought wholesale not only for you but to give as gifts to those innumerable cousins, aunts, friends, and even uncles. Having the real thing deters one from openly flaunting it, scared that the precious expensive jewelry can be lost or stolen. Cheaper substitutes afford more variety and peace of mind.

Wholesale Indian imitation jewellery is being bought in bulk and sewn onto clothes, especially by fashion houses catering to a particular segment of buyers. Crystals in different colors are being seen as a substitute for semi-precious stones. Rings, Earrings, hair clasps, and bracelets are being studded with crystals of different shapes and sizes. Another very popular alternative to the real thing are American diamonds. These stones are available in bulk and can be bought and set in designs that are reflected in the necklace, earrings and bangles so that it can be worn coordinated as a set. Interspersed with semi precious stones in different colors, these diamonds bring the sparkle to chokers. Men can wear tie or cravat pins inlaid with these stones or have cuff-links that shine. Many men are looking for small earrings or studs for body piercings, and these stones can come in handy.

Traditional patterns in Kundan and Meenakari are being reproduced as wholesale Indian imitation jewelry, offering a cheaper alternative to expensive jewelry. The gold in this kind of work is being replaced by silver dipped in gold and the crushed precious stones are being substituted with colored enamel dust. The only drawback being that the colors tend to fade over a period of time, or tarnish if exposed to water and sweat. But manufacturers offer a free polishing within a guarantee period if the same jewelry is sent back to them. The metal used as a base could also be made of cheaper alloys which could give an allergy to some people. It is recommended that these are not to be worn on the skin for long hours.

Wholesale Indian imitation jewelry is becoming popular with the younger crowd who want to compliment the color of their clothes with their jewelry, and want to wear different pieces of jewelry every day, depending on their mood. The monotony of wearing a single piece is relieved by the kinds of designs that imitation jewelry comes in. The material used in the making of this kind of jewelry can range from 10 k gold to steel, rhodium, copper, or silver or even a combination of all these. The flexibility for designing in various color combination, shapes, sizes, and last but not the least - the price, are what makes wholesale Indian imitation jewelry so popular.


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