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Indian wedding jewelry is something always adorable. Ancient Indian texts extol the 16 stages of adornment that a woman goes through before she meets her beloved man. Indian wedding jewellery believes in revering the Indian woman and there is a piece of jewelry to adorn her from top to toe. Instead of the minimalist trend of today, Indian brides are longing to go the whole hog and wear all the auspicious pieces of Indian wedding jewelry.

Matching it with the bridal attire is a prerequisite, though gold jewelry is a great leveler and enhances all colors in fabrics. Starting with the ‘maang tikka’ which is a narrow band of gold with intricate designs, placed along the hairline and the centre parting of the hair on the head, the teeny tiny nose stud or ring follows, usually made of gold with a diamond or pearl drop. Heavy earrings in the ‘jhumka’ pattern are also of gold with semi precious stones embedded in them.

The next piece of jewelry is the most elaborate of Indian wedding jewelry. The necklace is the centre piece so to speak. Families who have traditional heirloom pieces bring it out to wear at weddings. The bride wears the jewelry for sentimental reasons, but still makes a few other sets which she can mix and match to wear with her bridal trousseau. Dated patterns in Kundan jewelry are being copied to bring back the rich grandeur of a different era. Mostly floral patterns are preferred to bring out the colors of the semi precious stones used in a combination of gold. Sometimes a single piece of a gaily colored flamboyant peacock in a necklace can offset the rest of the jewelry worn by the bride, like smaller peacocks designed into gold can dangle from the ears, or be engraved on arm bands or bracelets. Authentic elaborate Kundan jewelry can be priced exorbitantly, but cheaper imitations are available.

Meenakari, an ancient art, used to make Indian wedding jewelry, is making a comeback, as the gorgeous interplay of colors of designs set in gold and enamel, are being preferred by brides to match the colors of their clothes. This is especially popular as bangles, which is the other essential piece of adornment of a bride. Juxtaposed with the ‘mehendi’ or henna on the hand, bangles can be intricately designed in gold filigree or be studded with precious stones like emeralds, rubies or diamonds, and worn as a bracelet. Expert jewelers do the Meenakari on the underside of Kundan jewelry so that it can be worn alternatively on both sides, showing up as a different piece.

No wedding can be planned without including a solitaire diamond set of necklace, earrings and wedding ring. Depending on the budget, the carat of the diamonds can be decided upon and set into the traditional knot design, which signifies togetherness forever. The diamonds are usually set in white gold but nowadays rhodium substitutes for gold. Designers of Indian wedding jewelry are looking to the past to bring a sense of continuity to the present.

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