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Indian gold rings have an important place and a longer history with Indian Tradition and practices. It is greatly associated with Indian wedding, engagement ceremony and several other occasions associated with the wedding and the couples. 

There may be a confliction or chaos that the practice of exchanging rings is associated with western culture. The person who wears the ring signifies that he or she is engaged to get married. The rings are generally considered as a token of love, gratitude, respect and affection. Different communities and religions in India celebrate different types of wedding, yet they share few common aspects, where the purpose of exchanging rings with each other is common. 

Many have a feeling that the rings are having special importance only in Christian culture and Christian weddings in India. The fact is half true, as, exchanging the rings has been adapted by them majorly and considered as a contemporary or trendy event in other culture. However, it doesn’t mean gold rings have no correlation with Indian tradition, weddings and other related events. 

People who believe the above fact should read the following to understand the existence of Indian gold rings in traditional practices. Several communities of India, after tying the Knot (Mangal Sutra), insist the couples on playing funny wedding games. One of such game is searching the gold ring dropped in a vessel. A small game held between the newlywed couples to search the gold ring dropped in a small vessel, where these funny plays are conducted to develop the intimacy and acquaintance between the couples. 

You may wonder why gold rings are being used in several occasions, where rings are available in different material like platinum, titanium, metal, silver, etc. The fact behind is the everlasting importance and acquaintance of gold and different types of gold jewellery with India. 

Moreover, wedding and other celebrations in India are greatly connected with custom values and traditional practices in which yellow is considered the most auspicious color. Eventually, either it is an engagement or wedding, which is a lively event that brings the new life to the wedding couple, there is no surprise about preference of Indian gold ring, as gold is a yellow metal. Further, gold is durable and not exposed to tarnish and hence creates a sensitive correlation with gold. However, there are some rich and affluent people in India prefer rings made of other expensive metals. Even though platinum and Titanium rings are getting popularity, they can never diminish the eternal value and significance of gold rings. 

The ring finger has direct association with the nerves and the heart. Wearing the rings in the ring finger facilitate good cardiac and nervous health. Eventually, Indians have been practicing the habit of wearing the Indian gold rings in the appropriate finger for centuries. Based on this context you may raise a query why only gold rings should be considered? Gold is unique element existing from ancient period with the history of 5000 years. Based on a number of studies, reports and teachings of Yogis and Ayurveda, Gold is proven as the eternal element offering energetic influence to the humans. Eating prescribed quantity of gold power every day. 

Further, it is very common to find elderly people above 60 years of age wearing the gold ring embedded with ruby in the ring finger of right hand. Similar to the health benefits offered by the gold, Indian gold rings embedded with ruby eases the digestion and enhance the immune system. 

Gold rings are also acquainted with astrology. Gem stones or birth stones are embedded in the gold rings and worn by people for several astrological reasons. Above all, Indian gold rings are the ideal choice of love gifts. There is no other better way to propose a girl with an artistic feminine gold ring or a gold ring embedded with diamond.

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