Indian Gold Jewelry - Mens Love for Gold!

Indian gold jewelry is preferred by almost everyone and in particular Indian Women. Life of Indian women has been closely associated with gold jewelry for centuries. Gold is a unique metal has its importance in different phases of women’s life starting from birth. We all know that there are certain gold ornaments that are exclusively designed to be worn by women. These aspects have set a prejudice that gold jewellery is something that is associated only with women and they are crazy on wearing gold. It is not true. Indian men are equally passionate about adorning themselves with Indian gold jewelry. In spite of the fact gold has a significant place in Indian Women’s life; it had never reduced the desire of Indian men towards wearing gold jewellery.

For people who believe that Indian men have no association with gold jewellery or there is no requirement of gold jewelry in men’s life, should consider the Indian History. Men’s jewellery is not a concept that has been introduced lately. History of India reveals the fact of existence of gold jewellery for men from the ancient period. Similar to women, Indian men belonging to ancient ages used to adorn themselves with different types of traditional Indian gold jewelry from head to toe. It includes Crowns studded with precious and priceless stones, heavy ruby chains, necklaces, finger rings, ear rings called kundalam, etc. Wearing heavy gold jewellery by ancient rulers and people of old ages was considered a tradition, which had been gradually disappeared. However, we could easily find the different types of exclusive men’s jewellery worn by actors in historical movies and theatre plays.

Fortunately, in the past couple of decades men have developed interest in wearing gold jewellery. Exclusive collections of Indina gold jewelry for men are the recent and hottest trend in the jewellery market of India. Not only women are conscious about their appearance. Similar to women, men have great concern about their appearance, clothing, accessories, etc. Moreover, men wanted to boast themselves with different and attractive personality unique from one another. Eventually, these aspects have given rise to introduce new range of exclusive men’s jewellery. To cope up with the huge demand of Indian gold jewelry by Indian men, jewellery makers have launched exclusive varieties of gold jewellery for Indian men. Jewellery showrooms and outlets are almost flooded with plethora of gold jewellery collections for men.

Indian gold jewelry collections for men include rings, chains, bracelets, tie pins, pendants, cuff links and Kadas – jewellery appear similar to bangle. Wearing gold jewellery has become a fashion statement of men. Some youngsters love to wear diamond studs or small gold rings in one ear.

Interesting facts about Indian men’s preference of gold jewellery:

• Men generally love to wear the gold jewellery that represent the masculine strength, for instance shape of Sun, sword, etc.

p• They also prefer choosing the jewellery with religious signs like idols of gold and uncommon robust designs.

• More than 75% of men love to wear broader, thicker and heavier chains and bracelets with robust patterns. Chunky bracelets, broader rings, etc are more common in youngsters and men above 40 years. Eventually, they love to distinguish themselves from others. Rope Model chains are more popular and mostly preferred.

• Men in the age group of 25 – 35 portray decent and smart personality by wearing medium sized chains and a plain bracelet.

• Around 40% of men wear Lord Ganesha or “OM” as the pendant design in their chains.

• 50% of men who wear gold jewellery prefer so due to astrological reasons and it is very common in richer people. Most of the affluent men in India wear the gold jewellery embedded with appropriate stones and gems matching their zodiac signs.

• Fancy designs and patterns are not incorporated in men’s jewellery as they do not prefer.

Gold Jewellery designed for men differs a lot from women’s jewellery. The major difference is the patterns of the jewellery. Women’s jewellery is often sensitive and delicate, which are designed to match with the nature of them, whereas men’s jewellery is often designed with broader patterns and designs. It is quite possible to identify or recognize the personality of men through their choice of Indian gold jewelry.

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