Unique and ethnic Indian gold jewelry design

All across the globe, wide range of Indian gold jewelry design is famous for its rich cultural and ethnic touch and unique styles. This distinctive design of the Indian jewelry is influenced by the history of the place. Jewelry has been an essential part of Indian culture. In India, jewelry making has evolved as a form of art. Indian gold jewelry and its unique styling is the master piece of Indian gold craft men who have inherited their skills from their ancestors. If we look back into the history of India, we will find that some of the finest gold articles were originated by Indian goldsmiths who had the skill and craftsman ship running in their bloods. 

Expert craftsmanship has made Indian gold jewelry design stand apart from the machine made jewelry articles. The inherent ethnicity and intricate designs of Indian jewelry are one of its kinds. The best thing about Indian gold jewelry design is that its engraved and delicate design cannot be copied easily thus giving it unique touch. Some of the finest jewelry products, manufactured with the use of stones carved into the metal can be found in India. 

The rich history of India has made a strong impact on the Indian gold jewelry design. The reflection of the India's rich history and brilliant artistic quality of its expert craft men is evident on ethnic mughal jewelry designs, meenakari jewelry, theva jewelry, polki jewelry and temple jewelry, antique jewelry, south Indian jewelry. 

Exclusive range of ornaments can be found in India. India is a land of diversity. This diversity of cultures reflects in its jewelry designs too. Ethnic jewelry range of India varies depending on the regions. South Indian jewelry can be easily distinguished by the presence of rudraksha beads and pearls. Rudraksha beads considered sacred for the spiritual reasons are used by south Indians to highlight their jewelry. While northern Indian jewelry is dominated by the use of gemstone like Kundan and diamonds. Meenakari jewelry from Rajasthan is popular for the harmonious blend of Kundan stones with precious metals like gold and silver. World famous Polki jewelry has got its origin in Gujarat. 

Indian jewelry is integral part of its natives. You will rarely come across any Indian woman not wearing any jewelry. The range of jewelry products in India especially for women is enormous e.g. choker, anklets, nose rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces, mangalsutra, pendants, finger rings and toe rings, armlets, baju band etc. Nowhere else you will find such a huge collection of gold jewelry. From the heavy gold necklaces, earrings and bracelets for special occasions like weddings to the casual wear light bangles, studs, pendants and rings, designs of all kind of jewelry articles are available in abundance. 

The quality and huge collection line of Indian jewelry designs speaks for itself. Wide Indian gold jewelry design range has its strong presence in international market too. Their multi style designs can be worn by people of any age and region. The traditional master pieces of Indian jewelry due to its exclusive designs and blend of precious gems are considered quite precious. The best thing about Indian jewelry design is that their engraved and delicate design cannot be copied easily thus giving it unique touch.

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