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Indian bridal gold jewelry and its designs are carefully chosen by the Indian bride’s parents and a bride does not have much role most of the times. Indians have used gold jewelry for many centuries for all kinds of festivals and special occasions, but an extensive display of prosperity and wealth is sure when it comes to Indian weddings. In modern India, jewelry has changed its form from all-gold to platinum and diamonds set in gold. But Indian bridal gold jewelry still stays the same and will stay the same till gold remains a precious metal. 

There are many reasons why gold plays important role in Indian weddings. Gold always has a lot of significance in Indian families and it is considered as a sign of prosperity and a good instrument for investment. There are festivals such as Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras, when it is considered auspicious to buy gold. Gold is also gifted to loved ones and believed to bring good luck. Indian women can’t resist gold ornaments. In India, Gold jewelry is passed from generations to generations and considered to provide financial security to families at the time of emergency. 

The most use of gold is in Indian weddings. In weddings, the look is not complete until the bride wears the complete Indian bridal gold jewelry. When a bride wears the complete jewelry meant for her, she is literally covered with the yellow metal from head to toe. It depends on the budget of the wedding, how much amount of gold jewelry the bride and her family can afford. Depending on the diversity, there are certain variations in some of the Indian bridal gold jewellery wore at different location within India. 

There are various types of bridal jewelry worn by the bride. The first piece is a Shringar Patti, generally made of gold, is worn along the bride’s hairline and has a circular end that hangs on the forehead. The neck piece of any bridal jewelry is very heavy and it covers the whole neck and comprises of matching ear rings. These are completely made of gold with the use of diamond and stones for complementing the gold. 

One of the important constituents of Indian bridal gold jewelry is the nose ring, which consist of a golden nose ring and a chain attached to it, which in turn is fastened to the hair above the left ear. Most of the bangles worn by the bride are glass bangles, but some of them are golden bangles gifted to the bride by her maternal family. The most important bridal jewelry is the mangal sutra, which is considered as a symbol of the married woman in India. There are some optional gold ornaments wore by few affluent brides, such as the waist bands and arm bands. Waist band is a very heavy golden jewelry worn to support the wedding dress. 

All of this Indian bridal gold jewelry discussed here is not worn by all Indian brides. There are variations in the jewelry worn by brides belonging to different cultures and regions. Somewhere the glass bangles give way to ivory bangles and somewhere the nose ring is completely removed. But whatever the jewelry style be, Indian bridal jewelry is very rich in gold content.

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