India Jewelry Manufacturer - Unique Style and Designs

India jewelry manufacturer have special place in the heart of jewelry consumers for their exceptional quality work and professionalism. The unique style and creative designs created by Indian manufacturers are world famous. Since centuries people have been possessing Indian jewelry as an identity marker and investment option.

India jewelry manufacturer – The History

Indian jewelry history is more than 5000 years old. Throughout these long years Indian culture and politics have been influencing this industry, thus bringing out various changes in the design and style. Jewelry manufacturing was started since Indus Valley Civilization, where bead necklace, metallic bangles and gold earrings were the major articles of creation. From that old civilization jewelry manufacturer had been involved directly and indirectly in the creation, trading and exporting of gold articles in exchange for other commodities. Indian Navratna made of gemstones was a popular choice among the famous emperors, who had ruled India in the past. First ever diamond mining was done in India dating back to 296 BC. Today Indian jewelry manufacturer has earned a good reputation and are known globally for their unique and exquisite jewelry designs for special occasion like weddings and other ceremonies.

India jewelry manufacturer - By Categories

When we talk about jewelry manufacturer, we have enormous choices to explore. There are many retailers with number of branches all over the country. Various categories of India jewelry manufacturer are listed below:

• Diamond jewelry

• Breaded jewelry

• Gemstone jewelry

• Metal jewelry

• Silver jewelry

• Gold jewelry

• White gold jewelry

• Platinum jewelry

• Fashion jewelry

• Ethnic jewelry

• Specialty jewelry

Actually there is a large database of jewelry manufacturer, supplier, exporter and wholesaler, which can be explored over the internet. You can contact these suppliers via emails or phone numbers given in their respective sites.

Below are given few examples of famous manufacturer and exporters.

• Alapatt jewelers: a reputed jewelry house in Kerala famous for its classic collection of handcrafted gold ornaments.

• Deccan Gold Mines: a company involved in the gold mining in the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

• Harsh International: they are involved in the manufacturing and exporting of gemstone beads and gemstone jewelry. They provide Gold and silver handcrafted ornaments too.

• Venus Precious Metals Refinery: they are ventured into the refining services of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium metal.

• Tikamdas Motiram: they have pioneered in solid gold bangles manufacturing. They are specialist in solid gold bangles and provide unique arrays with best of their designs.

There is a whole network of manufacturers spread all over the country. The popular demand from the Indian customers is for variety of articles. A few among these would include Designer mangalsutra, Victorian jewelry, Cuff links, Brooches, Pendants, Watches and bracelets.

The precious Indian jewelry is designed and crafted in a way such that it lasts lifetime. Jewelry exporters are looking up to Indian government for providing the right impetus to boost up the industry. India jewelry manufacturer is also working out to bring improvements in style and designs of the jewelry. These all steps will hike the demand for Indian jewelry in the international market.

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