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When somebody talks about 916 gold that means he is talking of 91.6% pure gold. The rest 8.4% is another metal generally cadmium to increase the strength and durability of the gold item. 916 gold or 22 karat gold is the most common form of gold jewelry used in Asian countries and increasingly becoming popular in the rest of the world because of its durability, softness and high gold content. 

916 gold neckless Hallmarking / Gold standards

Karat: abbreviated as K, karat is used as a standard of measure of the purity of gold in its alloys. The formula used to measure the purity rating is X = 24 (Mg/Mm). Here X is the karat value of the material, Mg is the mass of pure gold in the material and Mm is the total mass of the material. So a 24 karat gold means total mass is same as the mass of gold, thus the material is pure gold. 

Millesimal fineness: These days a new measuring system known as millesimal fineness is increasingly becoming popular and slowly complementing the karat system. In this system gold purity is marked as parts per thousand of the pure gold in the alloy. So 999 gold means 24 karat and 916 gold means 22 karat pure gold. The table given below compares the two standards for different purity levels of gold. 

Karat - Millesimal Fineness

24K - 999 gold

22K - 916 gold

20K - 833 gold

18K - 750 gold

10K - 417 gold

After learning about different gold standards a curious question comes to our mind that how we can test a gold item for its purity as it is an important concern while we own gold in any form. Actually you can easily test the purity of the gold items at home with the help of electronic test equipments. Just you have to buy the right equipment. One thing you should bear in mind that you will lose some amount of gold while testing an article. 

Hallmarking: also known as assay, hallmark is the mark of quality given to a precious metal article. This mark guarantees that the article meets the legal standards to measure the purity of the item. The mark is stamped on the item after it passes through the quality control department. 

Why 916?

Most people prefer to buy 916 gold items as these are easily worked out and quite soft. Gold jewelers and designers use this category to create unique and stylish special gold pieces. These gold items are worn by people for everyday use because of the high gold content. This is also considered a good investment due to the high purity of gold. You can easily resell this jewelry at the market prices whenever cash is required. 

In India the typical gold jewelry is made of 916 or 22k gold. Actually this is the most pure form of gold jewelry created by Indian jewelers. Other countries dealing mostly with 22K gold are Spain and Italy.

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