22kt Gold Jewelry - Safeguard Your Gold!

22kt gold jewelry is the purest form of gold jewelry available for commercial purchase! In all civilizations, gold has been considered as one of the precious metals for many centuries. In India, gold is purchased to serve both as an investment instrument and as jewelry. 22kt gold is not the purest form of gold as it contains 2 parts of impurity to 22 parts of pure gold; it is mainly used in making of jewelry. 24kt gold is the purest form of gold and which is very fragile. Adding some other metals makes the alloy strong to produce intricate jewelry designs. 22kt gold jewelry, made of an alloy of gold, retains the luster and shine of gold.

Buying gold is considered as auspicious occasion in India. In the land of festivals, every festival is celebrated by buying gold and gets more importance. Indian marriages are incomplete without bride wearing gold jewelry. Therefore, knowing about purity of gold is very crucial.

There are plenty of reasons for buying 22kt gold jewelry, apart from using that as jewelry. The 92% pure gold is worn by both women and men in many civilizations for showcasing wealth, prosperity and success. It is also believed to bring good luck to people who wear it. Gold jewelry is bought by Indians for ornamental jewelry as well as for investment purposes.This precious jewelry has often served many unfortunate families in bad times. The importance of gold is reiterated by all our ancestors and elders because gold always retains its value. So protecting your investment in gold jewelry is as important as any other investment.

Since gold is a very precious metal, many people prefer to buy gold for investment purpose apart from buying 22kt gold jewelry. Even though you can invest in gold without buying physical gold such as gold bars or gold coins, it always feels safe to buy the actual gold and keep it safe. It is always difficult to handle gold, whether you wear it or store it, but it gives a great sense of relief if you can safeguard your precious metal.

The value of this precious yellow metal has been observed to appreciate with time and provide upside momentum to your investment. Safeguarding your jewelry can be a tricky, because it is very difficult to distinguish genuine 22kt gold jewelry from the counterfeit. But with enough experience and adequate knowledge, you can always make a good call about the purity of gold.

In India, it is often seen that the purity of gold is compromised by the small jewelry manufacturers. Unfortunately in India It is not mandatory for all gold manufacturers to sell hallmarked 22kt gold jewelry in the market. But many big business houses have already started to sell the marked jewelry. This is the ultimate mark that can guarantee your gold to be of international standards. Buying from such manufacturers is the best way forward in securing and safeguarding your precious investment. Always make sure to verify the weight of the jewelry prior to purchasing it.

Having bought the gold jewelry, safeguarding your gold jewelry should be your next concern. The best way to keep your gold articles, gold coins and bars safe is to keep them in a bank locker. While choosing a bank, you should make sure you choose a reliable bank and know the security procedures the bank maintains to keep your deposit box safe. You can also insure your box against any event of bank robbery or theft.

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