22kt Gold Indian Jewelry - Purity Specifications

Nothing can be more heartbreaking than to find out that the 22kt gold Indian jewelry you have bought is not pure enough. It should be always made sure when you buy any gold, that the purity is not compromised. First of all the question arises as to what does it mean by 22kt gold? Actually 22kt gold is 92% pure gold and thus pure gold would be 24kt. But pure gold is very brittle. So, when the alloy is formed by adding other metals, the gold now becomes suitable to craft any kind of complicated designs on it and use in jewelry.

But how do you know the purity of the 22k Gold Jewelry? There are not many conclusive ways to find out whether the piece of jewelry is genuine or not. The best way forward is to go to a certified jeweler and always remember to take a bill of any gold purchase. Although, they are just precautionary measures, they still do not guarantee you buying pure gold jewelry. When buying 22kt gold Indian jewelry, there is one way to make sure of your genuine purchase, go for hallmarked gold jewelry.

Hallmarking is used in many countries to indicate the purity of many precious metals such as gold, silver and even platinum. It tells the customers about the purity and quality of the metal you are going to buy. This is considered a standard way of measuring the quality in many nations. The hallmarked gold tells you the country where the jewelry is made, the year of manufacture and it also tell that the metal conforms to the purity standards. In India, if you wish to buy 22kt gold Indian jewellery, you can get both the hallmarked as well as non- hallmarked jewelry.

Hallmarking is an international standardization procedure that safeguards the interest of the customers across many countries in the world. It provides the purity specifications based on international standards. Evaluation is done by the Hallmarking office and then marks the metal that conforms that the precious metal meets the international purity standards. It assures the buyer that his hard earned money is worth buying something that is to its price.

In 2008, Indian government was prepared to make the hallmarking compulsory for all kinds of gold jewelry. But due to the opposition by various jewelry manufacturers, most of which run small businesses, this could not be made compulsory. But many manufacturers will give you the Hallmark guarantee by marking it on your 22kt gold Indian jewelry purchases. These companies are following the hallmarking standards and it is wise to buy hallmarked jewelry.

In India, most of the gold bought in small town and villages is bought on trust from a reliable jeweler. Buying 22kt gold Indian jewelry can be tricky when you are unaware of the purity standards. So, you should always go to jewelers that offer hallmarked Indian jewelry.

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