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Have you heard about 22k gold jewelry or 916 jewelry? Most of you would have heard about these two terms more often, even if you have not purchased any gold jewellery lately. It refers to the purity of gold used or the percentage of gold used in the jewellery. The term “k” is abbreviated as “Karat”, the measuring term, using which the gold is measured. It is also represented and used as “Kt”. 

What is 22k gold jewelry?

Purity of gold is measured as 24 times the purity of mass using the term karat, which means the purity of gold is divided into 24 parts. 24 karat refers the purest form of gold. 22 karat refers to 22 parts of gold in 24 parts of gold. In alternative terms, 22 parts is counted as 91.6% of gold content in gold jewellery. Similarly, the same is also termed as 916 jewellery where the purity of the gold is divided into 1000 parts. The remaining portion of gold represents the mixture of other alloys like copper, silver, etc. 

Why other elements are mixed in the gold?

Gold is the purest and softest metal. It is not strong enough to get rolled, stretched, and shaped according to the delicate designs. Eventually, it requires some other alloy to make it versatile enough for making gold jewellery. Gold is mixed with other alloys to make it firmer and flexible for crafting designs. Other elements like silver, copper, nickel, etc are mixed with gold for craft fantastic gold jewellery. The percentage or quantity of mixture of other elements reduces the purity of gold proportionately. However, it facilitates for creating unique and creative designs in gold jewellery with greater endurance. 

Indian gold jewelry

Only in India and a few Asian countries, 22k gold jewelry is designed and produced. When you consider the gold jewellery from the United States or United Kingdom, they do prefer 14k and 18k gold to craft jewellery. The more quantity of other elements in gold makes the mixture versatile enough to design and craft exquisite piece of jewellery. Further, the same concept is followed even in several western countries. However, Indian gold jewellery designers and the craftsmen are smarter enough to craft some amazing and artistic piece of gold jewellery with minimal blend of other elements and maximum gold content. 22k gold jewelry or 916 Gold jewellery is hitting the show recently and most of the jewellery shops advertise themselves with 916 jewellery. However, still there are few people who are unaware about the benefits of buying 916 or 22k jewellery. 

This is for the people who are in dilemma in buying 22k or 18k or 14 gold jewellery: 

When you pay for a gold jewelry, either a bangle or a ring or a stud, either INR 5,000 or INR 50,000 you should always remember that, you are not only paying for the value of the gold content. The total cost of purchase includes the cost of gold, making charges and the wastages as well. In spite of the fact that gold jewellery is durable and last for several years, they are subjected to damages and cracks. Eventually, at some point of time, you would be forced to dispose the damaged piece in exchange of new jewellery or can even sell it. In addition, since plethora of new designs, models and jewellery collections are introduced along the length and breadth of India in prominent jewellery shops; it is very common to have desire of disposing the old jewellery against new models. In such circumstances, when you exchange the 18k or 14k jewellery, you obviously be losing a good sum of money due to lesser quantity of gold towards wastage. On the contrary, 22k gold jewelry can be sold or exchanged at the current rate of gold in the market with no reduction towards wastage. For instance, if you have bought 22k gold ring at the cost of INR 1800 per gram in the month of August 2010, and wish to sell or exchange it after a few months, say in the month of September 2011, you can sell the jewellery for the market price on that particular day, say INR 2500/- per gram. 

What is the reason behind the popularity and preference of 22k gold jewellery? 

• Purest form other than 24k gold with minimal mixture of other alloys and highest gold content

• Great value for money

• Durability

• Range of designs starting from antique, traditional to contemporary and stylish ornaments

• Excellent designs and offers a unique fashion statement

• Good choice of investment as it offers the good return on sale or exchange against new jewellery

However, the only thing to be considered by people buying 22k gold jewelry is, they should consider buying gold jewellery with minimal stonework or gemstones, as it reduces the value and weight of the jewellery on exchanging or resale.

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