Why 22k gold Indian jewelry is preferred?

We all could have heard about the terms 22k gold Indian jewelry, KDM jewelry, 916 hallmark jewellery, 18 karat gold, gold plated jewelry, etc. Karat is the term used to measure or represent the purity of gold used in making gold jewellery. Gold is actually a soft metal which is not strong enough for shaping or carving. Eventually, it is mixed with other metals like copper and silver for carving jewellery with exclusive designs. 24k is the purest and softest gold and 10k is the hardest gold. 22 karat is generally used in making jewellery. Purest form of gold is yellow in color with great shine. When it is mixed with other metals and elements, the actual color and glow of the gold get reduced. Continue reading to get a brief idea about different measurements of purity of gold, how they are used in crafting gold jewellery, and why 22k gold Indian jewelry is preferred over others.

Following are the most commonly used and most prevalent measurements of gold and its purity.

24 karat gold: 24 karat is the purest form of gold with 99.9% purity. The number 24 refers that all 24 parts of the gold are pure with no traces or remnants of other metals. Unfortunately, it is extremely supple and cannot be used to craft jewellery in designs. The unique and significant feature of gold jewellery is it never loses its glowing appearance and never exposed to tarnish and you can find the same in 24 karat gold. It never loses its glow for decades. It is available in form of gold coins and gold bars.

22 karat gold: It refers that 22 parts of the gold jewellery is made of pure gold and the remaining 2 parts are made of other metals and mixed with the gold. The suppleness of the gold is reduced by mixing with other elements like copper or silver, which facilitates designing intricate artwork on gold jewellery. 22k gold Indian jewelry is also referred as 916 jewellery, which represents the 91.6% of jewellery is comprised of gold. Being mixed with other elements 22k gold jewellery are exposed to tarnish over certain period. The color of 22k gold Indian jewelry is fairly equivalent to the 24 karat gold where the mixture of other elements is minimal.

18 karat gold: It refers to proportion of gold jewellery comprised of 75% of gold and 25% of other metals. Until before few years, 18 karat gold jewellery was prevalent in the market. It appearance of an 18k gold bangle looks dull when compared with a 22k gold bangle.

14 karat, 10 karat, 5 karat and 1 karat are the other measurements of gold which contains minimal gold quantity. Gold plated jewellery comprises of 1 karat gold.

Why 22k gold Indian jewelry is preferred over others?

22k jewellery contains high composition of pure gold which doesn’t blemish the actual color of gold. In spite of being extremely malleable, it is possible to craft remarkable designs and patterns of jewellery with 22k gold, which upholds the beauty and luster for decades.

Density of gold is heavier than other metals. Higher quantity of gold makes the jewellery heavier. When you compare an 18k necklace and 22k necklace with same design and pattern, you could find the difference effortlessly with respect to actual color and glow of the jewellery as well as the weight.

22k gold is versatile enough to make jewellery not only in different designs but also in different colors. For instance, when copper is mixed with the gold, the jewellery appears red and when white metal is mixed with gold, we get white gold jewellery. However, Color transformation of jewellery should not be mixed with hand paintings or coatings made on them.

Above all, 22k gold Indian jewelry yields the actual market value of gold on sale or exchange, which is profitable for the people.

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