22 Carat Gold Jewelry – Traditional and Contemporary Bangles

22 carat gold jewelry is the women’s best friend which enriches their beauty and makes them look richer, attractive and appealing. Among the different types of jewellery used by women to adorn them, gold bangles are mostly preferred. Women’s apparels are tends to be incomplete without bangles. Moreover in any auspicious occasions like wedding and festivals gold bangles are the most worn ornaments which offer the complete feminine look to women. 

Gold bangles have greater, traditional and historical association with Indian women. Even though different metals are used in crafting bangles, gold bangles are highly preferred. Bangles have been associated with women in throughout their life starting from the birth. In several communities and religious practices, baby girls, i.e infants are adorned with exclusively designed gold bangles. Married women should wear gold bangles, which are believed to bring health, wealth and happiness. Moreover, wearing gold bangles are considered the sign of married women in ancient days. 

Even though the outlook of wearing bangles have undergone vast changes, and bangles are designed using different metals and shapes, the preference and popularity of gold bangles are not vanished. Alternatively, more people looking forward to buy different designs of 22 carat gold bangle pieces for the purpose of adoration. 

Gold bangles are not just the accessory that should be worn with traditional costumes. Different shapes and designs of the jewellery make it versatile enough to wear with different types of outfits ranging from a formal dress code insisted by the employers to a casual trendy apparel. Thin gold bangles with intricate designs enhance the feminine look even with a trendy top and a jean. 

Kadas and Antique bangles are the two different types of gold bangles popular in the current market. Kadas are known for its style statement and heavy artwork. Kadas are characterized by wider gold bangles and hinges. The broader bangle is best suited for any kind of occasion ranging from a traditional festival to corporate events. Wearing kadas offers a richer look to woman and they are available as 22 carat gold jewelry. 

More women are looking forward to buy antique jewelry collections, in particular bangles. The antique bangles are characterized by circular shaped bangles embedded with precious colorful stones and pearls. It is generally designed with hinges and screws which makes the bangles worn by anyone, where size of the bangles irrespective. 

When it comes to wedding jewelry, most of the brides prefer wearing the gold bangles in the same design and pattern matching with other pieces of jewellery such as ear studs, chains, necklaces, hair ornaments, etc. Gold bangles strung with diamonds and other gem stones and bangles with rich and intricate artwork are greatly preferred by women, being a current trend. 

Why 22 carat gold jewelry are preferred by people? The reason is due to higher gold content, intricate designs, variety of models ranging from a thin simple bangle to rich diamond embedded bangles, elegant style, traditional statement and enthralling shine. Wearing a metal bangle with great design might offer a better picture; yet wearing 22 carat gold jewelry can bring a traditional, richer as well as cotemporary style statement. 

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