Advantages of using 14kt gold body jewelry


14kt gold body jewelry is making news because of its affordability with all the plus points of the golden metal. The purest form of gold is 24kt but this is expensive and easily subject to getting out of shape under pressure, as it is pliable. Gold is usually added to other metals known for their stable qualities and made into jewelry. 14kt refers to fourteen parts of gold to ten parts of a combination of metals. This is still malleable enough to be fashioned into intriguing body jewelry.

With the popularity of piercings, people want to find suitable adornments for the body parts that have been pierced. They need a metal that does not cause allergic reactions or lead to infections with constant use. Water and the weather should keep the jewelry as it is and not change its shape or color. 14kt gold body jewelries is ideal for this. But make sure that it is not plated gold because this can lead to allergies for sensitive skin, once the plating wears off.

14kt gold body jewelries can be custom designed

With the availability of white gold and silver gold, there are a number of designs to choose from. Being reasonably priced, 14kt gold body jewelries can be designed just for you by manufacturers though there may be an extra charge. Now that belly button ring with your friend’s name intertwined with yours is a possibility that is affordable. Go in for matching earrings and a nose pin. Ask for silver as a mix with the 14k gold so that the jewelry piece will have a resale value and will likely be non allergic as compared to 14kt in combinations with other metals.

14kt gold can be inlaid with semi precious stones or beads to create an ethnic look. A whole set consisting of necklace, earrings, ring, bangles and even anklets can be designed and worn in a coordinated way or even separately. This kind of gold does not clash with the color scheme of clothes and accessories.

Buy 14kt gold body jewelry only from a reputed seller

To find a genuine source of 14kt gold body jewelry is really crucial to building up a collection of this kind of jewelry. If you are buying online look for certification of the gold and see if the seller comes up with the composition of the piece. There are labs that test for the purity of gold, but if it falls short, it is unlikely that the seller will take back the piece. It will only guide you to not buy from this dealer and probably mention this in your blogs and social networking sites.

Always ensure that there is a return back policy and a guarantee on the product. Check for discounts for buying in bulk. See that the site has facilities for polishing the jewelry periodically or put you onto people who do this. This is necessary as tarnish can lead to skin allergies and make the 14kt gold body jewelry lose its luster.

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