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With so many different types of gold jewelry, there are high chances that you’re getting confused. Something that will definitely confuse you is 916 gold. Different countries prefer different karats of gold. The Western World like 9 to 19 karat gold but India and other Asian countries prefer the gold to be purer – 22kts or 916 gold. 

We have everything you need to know about gold, whether you want to know the history or love the fun of dressing up. You’ll learn everything about the metal, which will help you with buying gold jewelry as a gift for a friend or just a treat to yourself. 

The glow of gold has always been appealing to the eye, for both men and women. The glow captures the attention quickly and easily. There are also theories of health benefits, especially if you read the teachings of Ayurvedic Yogis. It has a warming element, which helps the muscles and nerves in the body. 

We are especially anxious to appeal to western men and women and designers who are looking for new and different gold jewelries to make a fashion statement.    

High Quality is the Key

As with anything, when it comes to buying gold jewelry, you need to know that it’s high quality. We will only recommend places that provide you with the best quality gold, whether it’s 22kt or 916 gold. We have years of experience when it comes to buying, selling and even making the beautiful items. 

This isn’t just aimed at those in the Eastern cultures. There are many in the Western World that are interested in this fine metal, whether just looking for gifts or they are designers looking to add something different to their fashion creations. That is exactly why we’re here; so you can know just why 22kt and 916 gold jewelry are worth spending the money on. 

Karats or Carats? What Does It All Mean?

Fed up of hearing jewelers talk about the different karats and carats in jewelry? When it is spelled karat, your jeweler is talking about the purity of the gold. You’ll hear numbers such as 9, 14 and 18; most of the time this is written as “k” or “kt”. When it is spelled carat, the jeweler is talking about diamonds and that’s a whole other story and topic! 

24k gold jewelry is the purest that you’ll get, which is 99.9% pure gold and 12k gold 50%. The rest of it is all made up of different types of metals and hardening materials. You’ll find that copper, nickel and zinc are among the most common used. 

The purer the gold, the softer it is. This is just one reason why most of the Western World prefer lower karats for jewelry. This is needed when it comes to adding jewels and gems to the metal. 

Why to Consider 22kt or 916 Gold

There are two reasons why you should consider the purer forms of the gold. The first reason is just that; it’s purer. This is a great investment because the price of gold is continually rising as the supply of it lowers. 

The purer gold also looks better since there are fewer materials mixed with it. The materials often take away from the color of the metal. Purer items will last longer and it can be created into anything you want because it is so soft. 22k and 916 gold make the perfect family heirlooms because they hardly ever lose their shine and will never tarnish. 

The Problems of Buying Gold Jewelry

There are times that you’ll be confused over what to buy and what you’re actually paying for. These are the most common questions asked:

  • What’s the current market price?

  • Is this the best time to buy the metal?

  • What am I paying for? For the gold content, workmanship or for the Designs?

  • Are there other materials used? Metals which I am allergic too!

  • How do I know whether jewelry is made of solid gold? Not plated with gold!

  • What type should I buy? 9kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt or 24kt?

We aim to answer all of these questions but if there are still some answers that you’re seeking, take your time to ask a professional. Find someone with years of experience and one that can be trusted. We know that you’ll find 22k gold interesting and it will feel great and that is what we can offer; search through the site to find that piece that you’ve always been looking for. 

We can offer something that you won’t find in the Western World – or is at least very difficult to come by. There are great designs that are unique to India and can only be created when you opt for the purer metal. 

Be Informed Before You Buy

We know how important it is to know exactly what you’re buying, which is why we’ve created this website. We’ll offer you all the tips you need when it comes to searching for gold jewelry and we’ll even offer advice on how to choose items. 

We’ll also help you once you’ve found the perfect gold jewelry for you. There are tips on how to look after your precious items, so they’ll always shine. There’s also a place for you to have your say. Share your tips on caring for the gold and your experience with searching for the right pieces. 

So, what are you waiting for? Look around the site and find out more about the beautiful jewelry.

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Gold filled jewelry is manufactured by fusing or pressure bonding a layer of Karat gold to a base metal or alloy, such as brass, copper, sterling silver or rhodium, to form a permanent bond.
. If you are looking for gold nugget jewelry make sure that the items you buy are genuine and bought from reliable sources.
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Wholesale Indian imitation jewelry is being bought in bulk and sewn onto clothes, especially by fashion houses catering to a particular segment of buyers.
The prudent shopper knows that buying in bulk always gives the best discounts, in which wholesale Indian jewelry is not an exception.
A diamond is surely the girl’s best friend but when it is diamond gold jewellery then it is a partnership for life. Match the ‘K’, Karats with the ‘C’ Carats and get the investment right.
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